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Launching soon, a brand new podcast from ThisWeek Culture all about the business of theatre, comedy and culture – featuring conversations with creators, performers, writers, producers, managers and agents.

To kick things off, four conversations all about the business of comedy, recorded at Sound + Vision Cambridge in April 2022. Check out the details below and look out for the podcasts available soon.


Pursuing A Career In Comedy In 2022
What does a career in comedy look like in 2022? How do early-career comedians go about finding an audience for and building a business around their comedy? And what business partners will they work with along the way? What are the different ways that comedy creators can generate income around their work – and what are the key legal considerations?

with Darrell Martin from Just The Tonic, comedy PR expert Gaby Jerrard, Hils Jago from Amused Moose, and Raffaella De Santis from law firm Level.

Podcasts, Patreon, YouTube, TikTok + Beyond – Making Comedy Online
What online platforms are now part of the comedy making toolkit? And how can those platforms be used – to deliver content, grow audiences, generate revenue and evolve the artform? Our panel of experts consider how different comedians have used different platforms in different ways. What works? What doesn’t work? And what’s the aim? Are podcasts and Patreon packages and YouTube channels and TikTok streams core revenue generators – or simply a way to access other opportunities?

with comedian and YouTuber Jay Foreman, John Harris from Acast, Lola Oyewole from TikTok, and Tom Brandt from NextUp Comedy.

Comedy And Livestreaming – What Next?
Lots of comedians had to quickly learn how to deliver their acts online when the COVID pandemic shut down the comedy clubs and art centres more or less overnight. What worked? What didn’t work? How did comedians evolve, tweak or radically overhaul their acts for online delivery – and what technological tricks helped ensure a better audience experience? And with live in-person shows now back up and running, where will livestreaming fit into the comedy mix long-term?

with Kaiya Milan from The Floor, comedy creators and performers Robyn Perkins and Pete Heat, and Tom Brandt from NextUp Comedy.

The Future Of The Edinburgh Fringe
The Edinburgh Fringe Festival has long been a crucial platform for comedians to hone their skills, grow their audiences, connect with the industry and launch their careers. But after a cancelled Fringe in 2020 – and a super streamlined edition in 2021 – what will things look like when the festival properly returns in 2022? There has been a long debate about the pros and cons of pursuing a comedy career through Edinburgh’s big festival. What are the biggest challanges and what are the solutions?

with Darrell Martin from Just The Tonic, comedy PR expert Flick Morris, comedian Kate Smurthwaite, and Lee Griffiths from Soho Theatre.