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Wednesday 1 October 2014 in London

By | Published on Thursday 25 September 2014

Computer Boy

And the LDN-based events the ThisWeek team is tipping today are…

COMEDY/THEATRE: Weirdos – Computer Boy | Proud Archivist | 1-3 Oct (pictured)
A digi-fantastical stage musical by script-writer Adam Larter and the comic oddities of Weirdos Comedy, ‘Computer Boy’ imagines a boy who thinks he’s a PC. It’s vaguely based on Richard and Danny Elfman’s 1988 movie ‘Forbidden Zone’, and stars Weirdos members Ali Brice, Beth Vyse and Luke McQueen. Details and tickets here.

FILM: The Past Is A Grotesque Animal | Prince Charles Cinema | 1 Oct
The PCC exclusively shows this filmic portrait of one Kevin Barnes, brilliant-yet-slightly-fanatical lead singer in American psych-poppists Of Montreal, as he appraises his strained relationships with family, friends and the band itself. Fancy dress is essential. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: Dirty Butterfly | Young Vic | 1-11 Oct
Written by Debbie Tucker Green and here directed by award-winner Tinuke Craig, ‘Dirty Butterfly’ is a ‘Disturbia’-style play in which two neighbours listen through the wall to the dark and torrid goings-on in a woman’s life, and interpret what they hear very differently. Details and tickets here.

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