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Tuesday 15 October 2013 in London

By | Published on Wednesday 9 October 2013

Alison Moyet

TODAY IN LONDON Alison Moyet, comic double-act Pajama Men, Swedish singer Anna Von Housswolff and Paris’ most feared theatre all feature in the following TW-recommended events…

COMEDY: Pajama Men – Just The Two Of Each Of Us, Arts Theatre, 15 Oct – 23 Nov
The Pajama Men may be anti props, but they’re pro imagination, and as part of this trickily-titled Edinburgh Fringe hit show create vivid, kaleidoscopic cartoon strips featuring a spider-eating loser kid, a girl with a missing arm, and a procrastinating king with their minds, bodies and voices, and not a lot else. Details and tickets here, while click here to catch up with the men themselves.

MUSIC: Anna Von Hausswolff, Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, 15 Oct
The world and its great aunt Sally have fallen in strange love with solemn, bold-voiced Swedish singer/organist Anna Von Hausswolff. Having released her doom-laden sophomore LP ‘Ceremonies’ in the wake of 2010’s ‘Singing From The Grave’, she incants a combo of both in Hoxton tonight. Details and tickets here.

MUSIC: Alison Moyet, Royal Festival Hall, 15 Oct (pictured)
Great in the eighties, nineties, and still great to this day, the great Alison Moyet self-acclaims her greatness by singing her greatest hits to date, and having a great time keeping her new LP ‘The Minutes’ ticking over nicely. Tickets and details here.

THEATRE: The Grand Guignol, The Space, 15 Oct – 2 Nov
The Space presents scary theatre inspired by a scary theatre, as a real cast play the fictional cast of Paris’ most feared horror-house, the Theatre du Grand Guignol, which was famed all over France for its thrilling, terrifying and transgressive set pieces. Details and tickets here.

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