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Today in London: Wednesday 30 January 2013

By | Published on Wednesday 23 January 2013


So, today is a prime time to be leaving silly voicemails on each other’s phones. At least, more so than usual. Why? Because, it’s Inane Answering Message Day, why else? So with that in mind (or rather, not in mind at all), be intrigued and captivated by this set of London’s most significant cultural shortlistings, coming up after the beep. BEEP…


Pear Shaped presents… Charmian Hughes, Fitzroy Tavern, 30 Jan
Appearing tonight as part of a £5 night that gives over and above five-a-day in terms of its comic content, peppy comedienne Charmian Hughes represents the cherry atop a fruity melee of ‘Pear Shaped’ performances. She’ll go on last, after routines by Rick Murtagh, David Tandy, Dave Chawner, Liam Brennan, Tom Jacob-Ewles, Dane Emanuelle and Gabriel Ebulue. Details and tickets here.


Lift, Soho Theatre, 30 Jan – 24 Feb (pictured)
Compositional collaborators Craig Adams and Ian Watson script a new musical tracing the loves, lives and losses of eight characters taking the same elevator at the same time, in London. Details and tickets here.

Our Country’s Good, St James’ Theatre, 30 Jan – 9 Mar
Having just won acclaim for his part in the top-class ‘Top Girls’, Max Stafford-Clark directs a revival of a play he first staged at the Royal Court 25 years back, a non-fictional tale of an “earnest young marine officer” with a “ragbag cast of convicts” in his charge. Details and tickets here.