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Today in London: Tuesday 10 Sept 2013

By | Published on Tuesday 3 September 2013


Say ‘Cheese’, LDN arts-fans, as we prepare to dip into a melting pot of the city’s most pungent culture bites…


David Quirk – Shaking Hands With Danger, Soho Theatre, 10-14 Sep
Top-TW-rated Aussie comic David Quirk saddles his straight-talking backwards love story for a short-ish stint at the Soho, taking cheats, infidels and venereal disease to task. Details and tickets here.


Postiljonen, Birthdays, 10 Sep
Tipped Scandi-pop trio Postiljonen take flight to air their mid-elevating new LP ‘Skyer’. Details and tickets here.


Cheese, Floor One, 10-28 Sep (pictured)
Writer Nikki Schreiber’s ‘Cheese’ is – get this – a free-wheeling (get it? Cheese? Wheel?) simile for the credit crisis, driven by electricity generated by gym bicycles. The piece imagines a city made of cheese in which all the cheese disappears one day, leaving its inhabitants to trace a string of clues in search of an explanation. Details and tickets here.

Where The Shot Rabbits Lay, White Bear Theatre, 10-29 Sep
Brad Birch’s last drama, ‘Even Stillness Breathes Softly Against A Brick Wall’, did especially well when it ran in off West End earlier this year, and his latest, a tense, witty generation game examining a dad and his lad’s relationship, seems set to earn him similar acclaim. Details and tickets here.

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