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Threes To See 26 Mar-1 Apr: Runs Starting This Week, Short Runs, Soho Theatre Treats, From Creative/Disruption

By | Published on Friday 22 March 2019


The Crucible | The Yard Theatre | 27 Mar-11 May
“A story from the past brought crashing into the present.  A world in which lies and truth are indistinguishable. Where hatreds and desires are born, confessed, revenged.” Arthur Miller’s witchy classic never loses its relevance, so this modern-looking staging with a woman, Caoilfhionn Dunne, playing John Proctor, is definitely on my to see list. Head this way for more.

Ali and Dahlia | Pleasance Theatre | 26 Mar-14 Apr
A new play by a debut writer, Tariq Jordan, directed by Kerry Kyriacos Michael, which is a Palestinian-Israeli love story exploring the loss of innocence, the longing for lost homelands, and the way political forces shape our lives. “Having been accused of rioting, Ali awaits his fate in an Israeli interrogation room. But when an old lover steps in to defend him, the two are forced to confront their past; finding themselves torn between bitter loyalties.” More here.

Going Through | Bush Theatre | 28 Mar-27 Apr (pictured)
“When the men come to drive her away, Youmna cuts off Nour’s hair. And so begins one girl’s journey. By bus, by lorry, into the sound of gun-shots, through adolescence and across borders. All she can take with her is a little box and her memories of Youmna, the woman who raised her.” The UK premiere of  Estelle Savasta‘s critically acclaimed French play ‘Traversée’, translated by Kirsten Hazel Smith, which takes a look at the sad realities of child migration. See the venue website here for details.


The Best Day Ever (A Play About The End Of The World) | Pleasance Theatre | 29-30 Mar
“This is a record of who we are right now. In this theatre, in London, in the UK, Europe, the World, the Universe.” And the reason this piqued my interest is because it’s the work of an up and coming generation, a work in progress created by twenty teenagers aged 14-18 about “who we are, how we’re connected and how to save ourselves for the future.” Important to listen to those voices. For info and to book tickets, see this page here.

The Mission: Occupy Mars | Battersea Arts Centre | 28 Mar-6 Apr
“Human beings wanted for hazardous journey: Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in event of success.” This is part of the previously tipped Homegrown Festival: Occupy at BAC and is a live game for 50 people, as they try to survive on Mars. “But what is survival? Do we need more than just to breathe and eat? What would you fight for if you could start everything over again on a brand new planet?” Head this way to find out more.

The Boy And The Mermaid | Canada Water Theatre | 30 Mar (pictured)
One for the kiddies now, a show that promises the delights of live music, puppetry, a rapping octopus and a shifting set, and is performed by three sea shanty singing fishermen. “The Boy lives with his Grandma, forbidden from venturing beyond the shore, but the tall tales told of monsters in the deep only whet his appetite – he stares at the ocean and dreams. Can one unlikely friendship save the Town-On-The-Sea from catastrophe?” Details here. Oh, and the show is also on at The Albany on 31 Mar, see here.


Glenn Wool – Wool’s Gold II (The Iron Pirate) | Soho Theatre | 26-30 Mar
“Comfortably in his forties, award-winning comedian & new dad Wool delves into his back catalogue of material spanning 25 years to perform some of his more subversive routines. Does he still agree with those points of view or has he finally grown up? Plus a little navel gazing tossed in for the arty-farty types.” Long term TW favourite Glenn Wool is just one act that demanded our attention over at Soho Theatre this week. Click here.

Harriet Kemsley – Slutty Joan | Soho Theatre | 26-30 Mar
So yes, we found so many shows going on at Soho Theatre this week that we wanted to see that we really couldn’t just talk about one of them. Here’s the second, the excellent Harriet Kemsley taking issue with slut shaming: “In a Cornell University study women rated fictional female peer, Joan, as emotionally unstable and less competent because she was sexually promiscuous. If Joan wasn’t fictional her name would be Harriet Kemsley, and in this deeply personal and hilarious show Harriet delves into her sexual history.” Details here.

Andy Zaltzman: Satirist For Hire – Brexit Blindfold | Soho Theatre | 26-28 Mar
You all know this guy’s Satirist For Hire shows are brilliant, and look, this time he takes on the most pressing issue of the day, just as it’s getting really pressing. “Andy will address any queries, complaints and general gripes about any aspect of Brexit – past, present or future; political, social, or intensely personal; facts, lies or blurry half-truths; Leave, Remain, or Both-And-Neither-In-Nor-Out Pseudocompromise.” Essential viewing, see the venue website here.


As You Like It | Arcola Theatre | 29-30 Mar
So, thought we’d focus a whole section this week on the fab range of events happening over at Arcola Theatre as part of their participation festival Creative/Disruption. This one is a classic, from Arcola 50+. “Rosalind is banished, wrestling with her head and with her heart. Along with her cousin, she finds herself in the Forest of Arden, where barriers are broken, gender is fluid and everyone can find their true selves. Come to the festival, celebrate and dare to hope for a better world.” More here.

They, Them, We, Us | Arcola Theatre | 1-6 Apr
And now for something a bit more contemporary than the bard, a devised piece from Arcola’s Queer Collective. A performance based on individual and collective stories, it sounds like it comes from an incredibly passionate place and promises to be “a gutsy celebration of 50 years of Queer Liberation since the Stonewall Uprising and an expansive look backwards and forwards, flowing through 50 years of queerstory in fifty minutes.” Click here for details.

The Quest | Arcola Theatre | 1-6 Apr
“Zemuel has been banished from his village in the Valley of Embers for bringing a monster to life. To return he must find and confront it. Fred loves Lord of Rings, Lady Gaga and salad. He’s on his first Tinder date and everything’s going fine until his past catches up with him. Two stories. Two worlds. One quest.” And finally, another offering from the Arcola Queer Collective, hurrah. See the venue website here for info and to book.

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