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Threes To See 19-25 Feb: Comedy shows, Family shows, Shortish runs starting this week, Three longer runs starting this week

By | Published on Friday 15 February 2019


Maria Shehata | Vault Festival | 20-21 Feb (pictured)
Yep, the ye olde good old Vault Festival (no, you’re right, it’s not really ye olde, but it’s definitely good) is still ongoing and I’d urge you to go and see lots of shows there afore it ends, but especially this: a date (or two) with the lovely Maria Shehata, who, after a well received Edinburgh debut ‘Wisdomless’, about her romance-inspired relocation from Los Angeles to London, offers this follow up in which she “expands on her transatlantic move for love, and life after it fell apart”. Head this way for more.

Comedy Without Borders | Old Red Lion | 25 Feb
“Comedy Without Borders is a night of stand-up comedy showcasing some of the most exciting talent on the circuit. It is a safe space, for both audiences and comedians alike to laugh and connect.” And you can expect entertainment from the likes of Funny Women and Leicester Square New Comedian finalist Chloe Petts, and Arielle Souma, who also has a bit of ‘finalist’ experience. See this page here for the full line up.

Norris & Parker – Burn The Witch | Soho Theatre | 19-23 Feb
A glowing review featuring the words “celebrates the weird, the wonderful and the downright daft”, was what our impressed writer wrote of Norris & Parker’s previous show ‘See You At The Gallows’, and I, and many others, agree that this is a duo worth watching. “Debauched late-night sketch comedy for lovers of the strange, the sordid, the musical and the dark,” runs the blurb. I know you are interested, so click right here.


Icarus | Unicorn Theatre | 26 Jan-10 Mar (pictured)
It’s half term this week in most quarters, so it would be a bit remiss of me not to offer up a few shows suitable for your kiddywinks. And we’ll start at an obvious location, the Unicorn Theatre, and this fab retelling of the Icarus myth. “His family is falling apart and he feels powerless to help. His father is far away across the sea, forced to work for the tyrannical King Minos, and is unable to return. So Icarus makes a decision: it’s time to take control of their fate. But what can one boy do against injustice? Can he save his family or will he crash and burn?” See the venue website here for details.

Noisy Animals | Battersea Arts Centre | 21-23 Feb
“Gorilla is a bit argumentative and plays the drums, Badger has incredible legs and is a bit of a chatterbox, Bear thinks she’s from Sheffield and needs to have a poo and Hedgehog isn’t saying anything but might be persuaded to later, if we’re nice. Join Gorilla, Badger, Bear and Hedgehog as they make friends, play games, contemplate the world and finally rock out at a grand dance contest.” The excellent Kid Carpet returns to London with his well loved kids’ stuff. See this page here for more.

One Duck Down | Greenwich Theatre | 20 Feb
There are quite a few shows on at Greenwich Theatre this week that are aimed at younger audience so I would recommend taking a look at all the listings, but this one jumped out at me because it’s already had much acclaim, and it was inspired by something cool: the true story, featured on Blue Planet II, of 7000 ducks cast adrift in a huge storm. For more information and to book, head right this way.


I’m A Phoenix Bitch | Battersea Arts Centre | 20 Feb-9 Mar
A three-weeks-only return for this highly acclaimed piece from the excellent Bryony Kimmings. “In 2016, Bryony nearly drowned. Postnatal breakdowns, an imploding relationship and an extremely sick child left her sitting beneath the waves hoping she could slowly turn to shell. Two years later and she is able to deal with life again, but wears the scars of that year like a dark and heavy cloak. Who do we become after trauma? How do we turn pain into power? How do we fly instead of drown?” Info right about here.

Little Echoes | Hope Theatre | 19 Feb-9 Mar
“Shajenthran’s brother has had acid thrown in his face and Shaj is out for revenge. Danielle’s teenage crush on a pop idol develops into an illicit relationship, ‘professional mentoring’ becoming something much darker. June has spent over a decade serving the private needs of the super wealthy, but her new assignments confront her with the questions she’s spent a lifetime running from. When their paths cross it is not something any of them will forget.” Interesting piece from up and comer Tom Powell, see this page here for more.

Dressed. | Battersea Arts Centre | 25 Feb-2 Mar (pictured)
The very excellent ThisEgg, aka Josie Dale Jones combines “choreography, live sewing, comedy and original music to celebrate the power clothes have to define us, to liberate us, to hide us and to embellish us”, in a true story told by four women who have been friends since school days. “After being stripped at gun point, Lydia set out to redress herself with a new healing set of armour. Lydia now only wears clothes she has made.” Click here for details.


Dinomania | New Diorama | 19 Feb-23 Mar (pictured)
“165 million years ago, an iguanodon is killed in the heart of a rainforest. Time passes, the rainforest becomes the South Downs, and every part of the iguanodon degrades and disappears – except one tooth. 197 years ago, in safe, affluent 1820s Sussex, a country doctor finds the tooth. But where does it fit in the story of an earth created by God just 6,000 years ago?” The utterly brilliant Kandinsky tackle yet more super-interesting subject matter. The question is not whether, but when to book your tickets. So head this way.

Boots | The Bunker Theatre | 19 Feb-16 Mar
Another acclaimed company, with a new play about inter-generational friendship and finding your voice. “When Willow is not providing ‘excellent customer service’ she talks to Liz, a customer who has a habit of leaving her husband in the utility room. They are from different backgrounds, different generations and seemingly entirely different worlds. But they find something in common: their love of trees… and their loneliness. As the roots of their past entwine, they realise that the time for silence is over.” All the info here.

The Pirates Of Penzance | Wilton’s | 20 Feb-16 Mar
And finally today, something jolly and music filled for your Gilbert and Sullivan loving asses. This particular production is, to quote the blurb, an “award-winning and exquisitely funny new take on the much-loved classic” and has been performed in recent times to much acclaim. That being the case, you’d better get a move on and sort out your tickets – right about here – because I expect they’ll be hot-caking it out of the door.

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