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Three To Stream 23-29 Jun: Comedy Things, Theatre Things, Other Things

By | Published on Friday 19 June 2020

We’re still recommending great culture online while London’s venues remain closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many of these online shows are free to access but with options to make donations. If you can afford to support the performers and producers behind this entertainment that would be brilliant.


Outside The Box Comedy Club via Zoom | 23 Jun
Anyone in the mood for comedy? Surely you all are. And oh, it would be so wonderful to go to a proper comedy night. Fortunately, though, we have three fab sounding streaming alternatives for you. Starting with this one, the line up of which includes Rhod Gilbert, Terry Alderton, Maff Brown, Marlon Davis and Ria Lina. Book here.

Saturday Night Live at The Stand | 27 Jun (pictured)
Those of our readers who frequent the old edfringe will be well aware of Edinburgh’s year round comedy venue The Stand (and possibly also of their branches in Glasgow and Newcastle) and the quality of the acts that perform there. See some of those acts lining up for this virtual show, which will be hosted by Mark Nelson and feature Jojo Sutherland, Chris Forbes, Ray Bradshaw, Liam Withnail and headliner Phill Jupitus. Info and donation link here.

Working From Home | Just The Tonic | 27 Jun
Hmm, this is on at the same time as the last one so it might be a tough choice. Argh. Really not sure what to do. But perhaps you will. This is the fourth online streaming event from Just The Tonic, this time featuring Russell Kane, Henning Wehn, Matt Forde, Mathew Horne, Tom Binns and Naomi Cooper. See this page here to find out more.


Six Expressions Of Protest | Bush Theatre
This week the Bush Theatre released via social media channels the responses of six artists to the killing of George Floyd and the most recent rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, exploring the impact on Black British people. The short works featured are by Matilda Albini, Fehinti Balogun, Anoushka Lucas, Kalungi Ssebandeke, Benedict Lombe and Roy Williams. See them via the Twitter feed here.

Work_From_Home | New Diorama | 22, 24, 26, 29 Jun, 1, 3 Jul
New Diorama aren’t able to present their usual rather good Incoming Festival this year, but they can bring you this: an interactive play performed entirely by participants on a Zoom call, about when things stop working. It’s adapted from Nathan Ellis’s play ‘Work.txt’, which won acclaim and a nomination for an Innovation Award at this year’s Vault Festival. Find out more right about here.

No Milk For The Foxes | Beats & Elements and Camden People’s Theatre (pictured)
You might remember this show from back in 2015 about two security guards whiling the night away on the job, featuring spoken word, beatboxing and live looping. This is an archive recording, released to YouTube a couple of weeks ago, and available to watch on your devices. Definitely not one to miss. See it here.


Global 24 | 27-28 June
Fans of the Women Of The World Festival – the flagship event of which takes place at the Southbank Centre in March – will be pleased to hear that they’re going online this weekend with Global 24, a 24 hour streaming event curated by teams from all over the world. It will be broadcast via two channels: The Global Channel, focusing on education, justice, climate, health, the economy and violence; and The Local Channel, which will feature communities bringing to life local issues. Find out more here.

LOL | Luca Silvestrini’s Protein via The Place | 25-28 Jun (pictured)
Time for some dance now from a favourite company of ours, the excellent Protein Dance. “Against a wall of screen-gazing isolated individuals recruited as part of the making process across the country, six cyber souls stylishly nail the language of life online as they tackle the baffling etiquette of digital discourse”. Don’t miss your chance to stream this, it’s only available for a few days. Head right this way.

The Last Five Years | The Other Palace | 25-27 Jun
So, we have had comedy, theatre, a festival and now… let’s finish with a musical. Anyone who has seen ‘The Last Five Years’ will know that, by its very nature, it’s a great fit for a socially distanced lockdown performance. This streaming production stars Lauren Samuels and Danny Becker, and there are three showings. Read more about it and book yourself in here.

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