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Three To See over Christmas and New Year: Scrooges, seasonally inspired shows, and other stuff

By | Published on Friday 11 December 2015


And the holiday season’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…
Three ‘Christmas Carols’…

A Christmas Carol | Middle Temple Hall | 22-30 Dec (pictured)
One of my favourite (and award winning) theatrical groups, Antic Disposition, revive their much acclaimed version of the Dickens classic, staged in the brilliantly apt and atmospheric location of Middle Temple Hall, which the company use to great effect. I bet tickets for this are going pretty quickly, so if I were you I’d get your (festive) skates on and book your own ASAP. More info from the AD website here.

Sing-a-long-a Muppet Christmas Carol | Camden People’s Theatre | 30 Dec
I am not going to claim that the Muppet version of ‘A Christmas Carol’ is my absolute favourite thing, but it is in my top three of Scrooge-based films. And this particular, original and best sing-a-long is brought to you, for one night only, by the lovely (and TW Editors’ Award winning) Sh!t Theatre. I’m quite worried you might not get tickets for this either. Quick, book here.

A Christmas Carol | Arts Theatre | 7 Dec-3 Jan
And finally, this one, because you get dinner as well as a show, in what I know will be a beautifully immersive and Christmassy experience. We are big fans, here at TW HQ, of The Flanagan Collective, the group behind this production, and the show itself has already been staged on a number of occasions to warm and festive acclaim. And yes, of course I am worrying that you might not get tickets for this either. Hurry up! Click this link!

Three non-Dickens based seasonally-inspired shows

Handel’s Messiah | King’s Place | 21 Dec
Right, so, I am not saying that it was the Christmas season that inspired Handel to write his ‘Messiah’, but it’s certainly a piece that has gained festive connotations over the years, and is a staple of the advent period, classical music entertainment-wise. Performed by the Orchestra Of St John’s accompanied by a clutch of talented soloists. Info and ticket booking here.

Tim Key and Tom Basden – Freeze! | Soho Theatre | 22-23 Dec
Aw, the fabulous pairing of Tim Key and Tom Basden, as much beloved by me, and lots of my friends, heads to Soho Theatre with a show which they are promising to fill with trees, baubles, bells and “Christmas horseplay”. They are also promising that Basden will wear green tights, but don’t let that put you off. More info, and link to ticket bookery right about here.

Pine | Hampstead Theatre | 10 Dec-16 Jan
And talking about Christmassy things to make you laugh, here is a festive comedy that I bet you will all enjoy. It’s all about four disgruntled employees working seasonal jobs at a Christmas tree outlet, and touches on the (actually probably serious) issues of the value of learning on the job, and the unrealistic career expectations of graduates. I like the sound of it. See the venue website here for more info and to book.

Three entertaining options that have nothing whatsoever to do with Christmas

Dorian Gray | Pleasance Islington | 19-23 Dec
As any fool knows, Oscar Wilde is brilliant, and ‘The Picture Of Dorian Gray’ is great source material for a show. This particular adaptation promises to be “darkly satirical and playfully physical”, and to of course examine our collective obsession with being beautiful and remaining youthful, at whatever cost. See this page here for more info and to book.

The Thinking Drinkers’ Guide To The Legends Of Liquor | Museum Of Comedy | 17-23 Dec
I suppose one could argue that there’s a festive element to this, given that lots of people think and drink a lot over the holidays. But I would argue that booze is for life, not just for Christmas, and thus the same applies to this show. These chaps, drinks writers Tom Sandham and Ben McFarland, are a firm favourite with the TW collective, because they are funny, informative, intelligent, and, er, they give you alcoholic drinks to taste, as part of the show. Fan-blimming-tastic. Do not miss. All the gen you need is right about here.

Room On The Broom | ArtsDepot | 8 Dec-3 Jan
This is yet another adaptation of yet another ridiculously successful book by the extraordinarily market-dominating Julia Donaldson. It’s not about Christmas, but the kids will love it, and let’s face it, if you and they are all Christmassed out by the 28 Dec, this is going to be a perfect distraction. Brought to you by the incredibly successful children’s theatre producers Tall Stories, it features a witch, a scary dragon, and various other beasts. More info and tickets from this page here.

photo: Scott Rylander

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