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Three To See on 9 Nov: Tony Law – A Lost Show, Unbelonger, Gilded Butterflies

By | Published on Friday 2 November 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Tony Law – A Lost Show | Soho Theatre | 6-17 Nov
I didn’t manage to catch this show up in Edinburgh in the summer, but I have caught many of Tony Law’s shows in the past, and every one of them was a perfectly good reason to recommend this one unseen. The blurb describes it as his “most meaningful show to date” and promises a “mind-changing, comedy-art, laugh-affirming experience you’ll never forget.” I don’t doubt it for a moment, see this page here for info.

Unbelonger | Cockpit Theatre | 9-12 Nov (pictured)
As you may recall from previous tippage, the Voila Europe! Festival is back and ongoing, so here’s another tip from it. This is a physical peice, devised and directed by Erika Eva, which explores discrimination through “physical language, object puppetry, handheld lights and a touch of humour”, and is accompanied by live music from Xavier Velastín. See the listing here for more.

Gilded Butterflies | The Hope Theatre | 6-24 Nov
“A 6ft x 9ft cell in Florida, USA. A young woman, Maggie. She loves her husband, enjoys painting and hopes to do more cooking at home – once she gets out. In US prisons an estimated 80,000 people are living in solitary confinement. Existing in a small, sterile room for 23 hours a day. What would keep your hope alive?” This one won acclaim previously at the Brighton festival. See the venue website here for details.