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Three To See on 8 Aug: After Juliet, Olympilads, Catastrophists

By | Published on Tuesday 1 August 2017

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

After Juliet | Upstairs At The Gatehouse | 8-10 Aug
A production of Sharman MacDonald’s 1999 play exploring what might have happened following the events of ‘Romeo and Juliet’, centring on Romeo’s former crush Rosaline, and concerning the fortunes of the post-tragedy Montagues and Capulets. Part of the Camden Fringe, see this page here for more.

Olympilads | Theatre N16 | 8-26 Aug (pictured)
“Darren’s convinced he’s going to beat Usain Bolt in the Men’s 100m Finals. Abigail won’t stop applying varnish to her fingernails. Simeon just wants to make sure his brother and sister are both eating right.” Andrew Maddock’s play, directed by Niall Phillips, explores the relationship between two brothers and their estranged sister, and is set during the 2012 Olympic Games. Click here for info.

Catastrophists | White Bear Theatre | 8-26 Aug
This new play by Jack Stanley sounds fun, a darkly comic play about a couple on holiday – Raf and Harry- who manage to get into an immediate altercation with their temporary neighbours, who just so happen to be part of an apocalyptic survivalist cult living in a nearby field. The pair invite said neighbours round for dinner, with interesting results… see the venue website here for details.

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