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Three To See on 7 Oct: Love Genius And A Walk, The Olympians, Lock Her Up

By | Published on Sunday 30 September 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Love, Genius And A Walk | Drayton Arms Theatre | 7-8 Oct
An interesting looking play (so interesting we organised a Q&A with the director, in fact) that’s split between two stories with connected subject matter and themes. One, set in 1910, is about Gustav Mahler and his wife, while the second, set in more contemporary times, is about a Wall Street type and his artist wife who is writing about Mahler. The couples face similar challenges, and the play explores the theme of how we all need love, yet seem to sabotage it. More detail here.

The Olympians | King’s Head Theatre | 7 Oct
“1979, Belgrave Sporting Academy, South-West London. The qualification season for the biggest sporting competition in the world is about to start. Join Irina, Will, Carl and Cristina for one hour of their life as they are about to embark on the quest of obtaining the most acclaimed and desired medal in the world of sports, the Olympic medal. Secrets and intentions are being revealed, friendships are broken, but more importantly this hour is one that could potentially shape the destinies of these four teenagers.” A coming of age story focusing on some very contemporary issues. Book your tickets here.

Lock Her Up | Finborough Theatre | 7 Oct
“Katherine and Oliver are media students at a prestigious American university. When their romantic hook-up takes a sinister turn, Katherine calls on her seminar group to support her. Into the ensuing explosive debate over coercion, pornography and consent, a mysterious figure arrives — to confront the strange gender games we all play, in the era of Trump and #metoo.” A first play from screenwriter Rachel Anthony, and the first performance in the line up for the venue’s Vibrant festival of Finborough playwrights. Info about this, and other events, right here.