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Three To See on 7 May: James Meehan – As If I Hadn’t Slept, Desiree Burch – Unfuckable, One Green Bottle

By | Published on Monday 30 April 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

James Meehan – As If I Hadn’t Slept | Soho Theatre | 7 May
Another occasion when I have been inspired to tip a day’s worth of stuff on at the lovely Soho Theatre, and it’s a very attractive trio indeed. We’re starting with this one-off from James Meehan, who you may be most aware of in his capacity as a former member of Gein’s Family Gift Shop. Having not slept properly for a long time, and been diagnosed with depression, he explores those experiences with the aim of finally achieving a proper sleep. See this page here for more.

Desiree Burch – Unf*ckable | Soho Theatre | 7-12 May (pictured)
Our next act is on for more than one night, but I imagine tickets will be disappearing like hot cakes so if you want to see her, I think you probably need to move fast. Yes, we’ve tipped it before, but we love her and we go “oh, oh oh” every time we find out she’s appearing on some panel show or other and make a point of listening/watching. So of course we’d go and see this again and again. See the venue website here to book.

One Green Bottle | Soho Theatre | 27 Apr-19 May
“Boo, Bo and Pickle have all made plans tonight. But someone has to stay home and look after Princess. People are waiting, start times are looming. No one’s budging and petty bickering soon spirals into a ludicrous battle of wills and, possibly, the end of the world.” This is something I meant to tip earlier in its run but somehow it slipped off the list and that’s why it ended up being here on Soho Day. Don’t let it slip, like I did, head this way for all the details.