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Three To See on 6 Aug: Did It Hurt?, Crabmeat, Protest Song

By | Published on Monday 30 July 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Did It Hurt? | Camden People’s Theatre | 6-11 Aug (pictured)
Now, you may have noticed over the course of this week tips that we might just be a teeny weeny bit enthusiastic about the ye olde Camden Fringe. So it should not really come as a surprise that I might consider devoting a whole day to it. And on this occasion, I have. We start with this, ‘Did It Hurt?’, in which two strangers trapped in a room are forced to get to know one another, and ultimately reveal their innermost thoughts and ideas. Promises to be a “darkly funny, introspective and brutal look under our skin”. See this page here for more.

Crabmeat | Tristan Bates Theatre | 6-11 Aug
This next one sounds rather odd but very, very interesting: “J is hiding in the toilet at a gay club. Maybe because of what he just saw on the dance floor. Maybe because he’s more anxious than normal. Or maybe because he’s being chased by a crab… and this is one cranky crustacean. As panic bubbles to the surface, J recounts the events that led to his most recent breakup and to the toilet in which he is currently cowering.” Intrigued? Yes, me too. Head this way for all the info.

Protest Song | Camden People’s Theatre | 6-8 Aug
“Danny sleeps rough. He enjoys drinking and chatting shit. Join him as you experience the anarchic energy of the Occupy movement through carol singing, outraged chanting and Anonymous masks. Tim Price’s ‘Protest Song’, is an unyielding play in which the abrasive Danny recounts his experience of Occupy in its inspiring idealism and harsh realities.” Our final pick of the day from Camden Fringe, see all the details here.