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Three To See on 5 Oct: The Art Of Gaman, Liberty Rides Forth!, The Sweet Science Of Bruising

By | Published on Friday 28 September 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

The Art Of Gaman | Theatre503 | 3-27 Oct
“Tomomi, a young Japanese woman stands at the hull of a ship staring out across the water to her new American life in the years prior to the Hiroshima bombing. There are stars in her eyes and a crackling radio pulled to her chest as she drifts towards a country, and a future, that resists her arrival.” An exploration of the sense of displacement and loss of cultural identity that results in residing in a country where you are considered the enemy, from award winning playwright Dipika Guha. More info right about here.

Liberty Rides Forth! | Waterloo East Theatre | 2-21 Oct
A new and already somewhat acclaimed musical by David Kent: “Liberty, a mischievous drag queen, unexpectedly springs to life from the pages of Trevor’s new novel. The hapless author is attempting to write a best-seller to win over Susie, the woman he loves from afar; but now suddenly he and the three apprentice Muses sent to inspire him are fighting for Susie’s very survival!” Head this way to find out more.

The Sweet Science Of Bruising | Southwark Playhouse | 3-27 Oct (pictured)
“London, 1869. Four very different Victorian women are drawn into the dark underground world of female boxing by the eccentric Professor Sharp. Controlled by men and constrained by corsets, each finds an unexpected freedom in the boxing ring. As their lives begin to intertwine their journey takes us through grand drawing rooms, bustling theatres and rowdy Southwark pubs where the women fight inequality as well as each other. But with the final showdown approaching only one can become the Lady Boxing Champion of the World…” So this really was a thing? I had no idea. Colour me piqued. Details on the venue website here.