Spoken Word Theatre ThisWeek In London

Three To See on 31 Jul: Breathe, The Mariner’s Song, Wolf

By | Published on Tuesday 24 July 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Breathe | The Bunker Theatre | 31 Jul-4 Aug
“Just breathe”. Often this is the best advice we have to offer anyone when the pressures of life gets too much. But what about when these two words just aren’t enough? In our relentless pursuit for perfection – to look perfect, to act perfect, to be perfect – the overwhelming pressure cannot always be remedied by these two worn out words.” Ludicrously young playwright George Jaques is the creative behind this piece about teenage suicide. See this page here for more.

The Mariner’s Song | Drayton Arms Theatre | 31 Jul
Right, I think this is the last of the Edinburgh previews we’ll be tipping (though don’t quote me on that, there’s a very high chance I could be wrong) as the Fringe is literally one day away. Though this production doesn’t start its run up there until the 4 Aug, so you know, don’t worry too much, they’ve got a few days to get sorted. Anyway, this is a spoken word piece created by Rajan Sharma, which invites you to “prepare to brave the elements, sail stormy waters and embark upon a grand voyage into the great unknown” and tells a story drawing on family history and classical mythology. Find all the details here.

Wolf | The Cockpit | 31 Jul
And talking of Fringes, we of course have our own one going on London right under our noses, so let’s head over there now for this interesting sounding fare: “Professor Hunt invites student Alice to his country house. As the drinks go down, he reveals that he expects slightly more than dinner and wine. But Alice has a secret – one that threatens to destroy Hunt’s life and career forever. A dark tale of power, storytelling and retribution, Wolf is a twisted fairy tale that bites back.” More here.