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Three To See on 30 Sep: Thanks But No Thanks, Ventoux, Taramandal

By | Published on Sunday 23 September 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Thanks But No Thanks | King’s Head Theatre | 30 Sep
Lesley Lightfoot recounts tales of working in theatres across the land, in what I think might be a lightly dramatised version of her own story: “Lesley Lightfoot has had her nose pressed up against the theatre world window for longer than she’d care to remember. In this warm, witty, slightly caustic show she recounts a glitzy career from her side of the glass. A nostalgic trip of family life in a tale of a North London Jewish girl growing up in the 60s 70s and on.” See this page here for details.

Ventoux | Greenwich Theatre | 30 Sep
“Ventoux is the most fearsome mountain encountered on the Tour de France. It is also the story of Lance Armstrong and Marco Pantani – whose drug-fuelled race there in 2000 was the greatest cycling had ever seen. ‘Ventoux’ charts the parallel lives of these champions who overcame great adversity in tandem, and the mountain that cast them in opposing directions.” 2Magpies bring their 2015 edfringe hit to Greenwich Theatre for just the one night, head this way to find out more.

Taramandal | Cockpit Theatre | 30 Sep (pictured)
“Meet the nervously enthusiastic Patol Babu as he prepares for his first film appearance. Sneak a peek into schoolboy Madhav’s hilarious audition and lovergirl Reba’s rooftop drama Find out what about Dushyant’s science plays and Vicky’s world of Bollywood and much more…” A bittersweet comedy combining personal anecdote with an iconic Indian tale. See this page here for info.