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Three To See on 3 Aug: Living With A Dark Lord, Rita & L’Heure Espagnol, The Three Musketeers

By | Published on Friday 27 July 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Living With A Dark Lord | Drayton Arms Theatre | 3-4 Aug
“Shaun has autism – a life-long neurological developmental disorder which becomes obvious at around three or four years old – and although the cause of autism is still a mystery, the impact it has on a person and their family is clear to see.” A play written, produced and performed by Maeve, Cait and Aisling O’Sullivan, his three sisters. The three women come together on their brother’s 30th birthday, to worry about the future and what the world has in store for him. Sounds really interesting, see more information right about here.

Rita & L’Heure Espagnol | Arcola Theatre | 3-5 Aug
Time now for more from Arcola’s Grimeborn opera fest, because you love it, don’t you..? In Donizetti’s ‘Rita’ the eponymous heroine and her henpecked husband Beppe are quietly running a bar in Benidorm, when the peace is disturbed by the arrival of a man who knows too much about Rita’s past. In Ravel’s ‘The Spanish Hour’, Concepción, finding herself bored by her clockmaker husband arranges assignations with both Gonzalve, a poet, and Don Inigo, a town official. What could possibly go wrong..? Click here.

The Three Musketeers | St Paul’s Church | 2 Aug-2 Sep (pictured)
Hurrah, The Three Musketeers, who’s up for some derring-do? I know I am! Especially as it’s a promenade at The Actors’ Church! And, bonus, d’Artagnan is played by a woman: “It’s 1626 and a young d’Artagnan sets out for Paris, determined to join the King’s Musketeers. There’s just one problem, women aren’t allowed. Undaunted, our heroine disguises herself as man and manages to befriend the legendary Musketeer trio Athos, Aramis and Porthos.” Info and booking links here.