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Three To See on 29 Oct: Disco Kids, Under My Skin, Jack Left Town-The Improvised Rockumentary

By | Published on Sunday 22 October 2017

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Disco Kids – Spooktacular | The Albany | 29 Oct
A ghostly themed Disco Kids special over at The Albany, for all your getting-your-kids-massively-over-excited-in-advance-of-Hallowe’en needs. Or, you could look at it as letting them blow off so much ghoulish energy that they don’t insist on apple-bopping and trick or treating on the actual Hallowe’en, given that it is, for many, a school night. Get your tickets here.

Under My Skin | Theatre503 | 29-30 Oct (pictured)
“Bella’s life is messy and difficult but at least she has Sean Barnet: the fittest, cleverest boy in the whole school.  The only problem is, she’s never spoken a word to him. As Bella tries to become part of Sean’s life, she discovers things she never expected and struggles to understand.” A short piece, aimed at audiences aged 12+, which is part of the 2017 mental health awareness festival Unbroken. See more about this show here, and more about the festival here.

Jack Left Town – The Improvised Rockumentary | Rosemary Branch Theatre | 29 Oct
And finally, something for the grown-ups. Because won’t someone think of the grown-ups? Well, thankfully, I did think of the grown-ups and came up with something that’s absolutely perfect for a Sunday night, an improvised rockumentary channelling the spirit of ‘Spinal Tap’ and featuring much talent. Details are right about here.