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Three To See on 27 Sep: Dennis Of Penge, An Enemy Of The People, Mrs Dalloway

By | Published on Thursday 20 September 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Dennis Of Penge | Ovalhouse | 26 Sep-6 Oct
“No matter how shit your day has been. No matter how low the world wants to make you. No matter if the money came from the back of the sofa. No matter if no-one respects you. No matter if you haven’t been touched in a sex way for a while. No matter if your ideas go unheard, or even unspoken cos you’re shy Fantastic Melly’s Chicken is a church that welcomes all, salves all, in its delicious opiate salty battery wings.” Part gig, part poetry, part theatre performance, loosely inspired by Euripides’ ‘The Bacchae’, from the acclaimed Annie Siddons. Info here.

An Enemy Of The People | Greenwich Theatre | 27-29 Sep
Ibsen’s 1882 play, staged by a highly reputable company, in a very up to date and contemporary re-imagining. “Having rejuvenated the fortunes of a crumbling town, eminent doctor Tamsin Stockmann expects to be hailed as its saviour once again when she exposes a major public health risk. But the town’s prosperity hangs in the balance and opposition grows. Will she will lauded as hero of the hour or will Dr. Stockmann be declared an enemy of the people?” Head this way for details.

Mrs Dalloway | Arcola Theatre | 25 Sep-20 Oct
“On a single day in 1920s London, Clarissa Dalloway prepares to throw a party for her high-society friends. On the same day, in the same city, First World War veteran Septimus Warren Smith seeks help from the ruling class that Clarissa entertains.” You’ve all heard of it, so I am not sure I need to explain, really, except to say that this promises to be a bold new adaptation in a fast-paced and dynamic staging. More here.