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Three To See on 27 Oct: Something Dark, Joy, Kinkens

By | Published on Friday 20 October 2017

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Something Dark | Battersea Arts Centre | 26-28 Oct
Another event to coincide with Care Leavers’ Week, I think, and one I am sure many of you will be very interested in, because it involves the brilliant Lemn Sissay. ‘Something Dark’ tells the story of his upbringing in foster care and children’s homes, and his search for his family and true identity. It’s an acclaimed work that’s been performed all over the world, so you might have already heard or seen it, but if you haven’t, don’t miss these readings and accompanying Q&A sessions. Click here.

Joy | Theatre Royal Stratford East | 24 Oct-4 Nov (pictured)
“You know what I hate the most? I open my mouth to say something and before I’ve even said anything I can see people ready to say “no”, to shake their heads. So, I’ve decided, I am not a pet. I am just me. And I love being me.”​ This coming of age story focusing on a young woman with Downs Syndrome promises to celebrate, not not limit or marginalise, its subject. Expect a tale of family, friendship, freedom and control, head this way for more info.

Kinkens | Camden People’s Theatre | 27-28 Oct
Kinkens is an old Scots word for “evasive answers to the questions of overly curious children”, but Kinkens is also the host of a radio show for the lost and lonely about the meaning of life and the nature of having a brain that asks unanswerable questions. A work in progress that sounds rather intriguing, a piece about what happens in the space between our broadcasted selves, and our inner workings. See the venue website here for details.