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Three To See on 26 Feb: Fine And Dandy, Muriel – Bad Master, Trust

By | Published on Monday 19 February 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Fine And Dandy | Arcola Theatre | 26 Feb-2 Mar
Part of the venue’s Creative/Disruption 18 season, presented by Arcola’s Queer Collective, and written by Sue Frumin, ‘Fine And Dandy’ is about Jewish refugee Ernest/Ernestine Faigele Fine, “a singer of cheap ballads and weary tunes, inventor of the worst magic acts in history, a clog dancer of no particular skill and a wandering Jew at the turn of the 20th Century”. See the venue website here for details of this show, and here for other events in the season.

Muriel – Bad Master | Soho Theatre | 26 Feb-3 Mar
This show did well up at the edfringe last summer, which is how I knew about it, and is a sketch comedy show starring a trio of talented comedians/actors, Janine Harouni, Meg Salter and Sally O’Leary. Of course, you may already have been aware of Muriel even before that, because of their online presence – you’ve probably seen some of their viral successes, like that ‘political Bake Off’ skit. Anyway, head this way to book.

Trust | Gate Theatre | 22 Feb-17 Mar (pictured)
“Lea and Stefan are in a relationship. It’s been 10 years or maybe it’s been 14, but they’ve got a mortgage and ‘settled down’. The trouble is, they don’t trust each other anymore. Was it that one of them spent their food budget on smartphone apps or was it that one of them sold their flat to 7 different buyers, or was it that one of them borrowed 6 billion and never paid it back? Meanwhile, a voice on the radio sings you need more, you need more, you need more.” A production of acclaimed German playwright Falk Richter’s 2009 play exploring broken relationships and the tyranny of capitalism. See this page here for more.