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Three To See on 26 Aug: Train Journey, The Battle Of Frogs and Mice, Who Killed Franz Ferdinand

By | Published on Sunday 19 August 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Train Journey | Etcetera Theatre | 22-26 Aug
Today is the last day of the Camden Fringe, so for that reason, we’re staying there for all three tips. Starting with this one: “Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. A Journey on the train takes an unexpected detour. A Passenger finds himself trapped on a Hellride through the borders of reality, as everything about his life is brought into question. A Conductor desperately tries to keep his train from unravelling at the seams and to control the one person who could tear everything apart.” Intriguing, huh? Info here.

The Battle Of Frogs and Mice | The Cockpit | 24-26 Aug (pictured)
So, we’re staying at Camden Fringe but we’re switching genres, for this is a show aimed at children, which may be handy for some of you, given that it’s a) a Sunday and b) the summer holidays. It’s an interactive adaptation – using traditional storytelling, improvised music and toy-box puppetry – of a story originally used to as an introduction to epic poetry for the children of Ancient Greece. See this page here for more.

Who Killed Franz Ferdinand? | Etcetera Theatre | 22-26 Aug
“An Archduke assassinated. Europe on a knife edge. Four academic cocaine addicts trying to solve a murder. An idiotic killer. Death cult deception. Sword fights and feminism. Forensics and future queens. Politics and potatoes. Hilarious historical satire.” Yes, this is it. Our final Camden Fringe pick, and it’s a goodie, I reckon, especially for those of you with an interest in history. Or satire. Or theatre. Quite a lot of you, probably. Click here.