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Three To See on 24 Feb: The Story Beast – Myth Monsters and Mayhem, Frankenstein, Borderline

By | Published on Saturday 17 February 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

The Story Beast – Myth Monsters and Mayhem | Vault Festival | 24-25 Feb (pictured)
Hurrah, it’s the weekend, so here’s one for your youngsters (wow, I must be getting old if I have started to use the word youngsters) and it’s a super goodie. The entirely fab and much critically acclaimed Story Beast presents a fab collection of “hairy and ever-so-slightly scary” tales for your delectation, so expect poems and songs featuring Bears, Evil Little Sisters, Dragons and wizards. All the details are here.

Frankenstein | The Space | 20 Feb-10 Mar
“In the darkness of night, Elizabeth Frankenstein manages the unthinkable – creating sentient life. As the resulting monster is shunned by her maker, she is cast out into the violent and unfeeling world beyond. But a terrible chain of murder and horror is unleashed, both creation and creator must come face to face in a final, terrible showdown.” Another Frankenstein for you (we recommended that library one not so long ago, if you remember), perhaps because it’s the 200th anniversary of the first publication of the novel. Whatever the reason, this looks like it will be a great adaptation, head this way for info.

Borderline | Vault Festival | 24 Feb
I know we’re always talking about edfringe here at TW Towers, but that’s because we love it, and we love it because it’s full of stuff we’ve never seen before, and we always tell our readers up there to go and see something or someone brand new or there’s just no point. And for similar reasons I choose this show from the Vault Festival: Amelia Stubberfield’s debut solo show, which promises “a comic tale of living life on the edge and trying not to fall off” and an exploration of mental health, queer identities, and what it is to be different. Sounds excellent. Click here for more.