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Three To See on 22 Oct: Pebbles, Dot, Laika

By | Published on Sunday 15 October 2017

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Pebbles | Katzpace | 22-25 Oct
“Joanie can’t be near people. A rare and dangerous illness makes her a threat to everyone she meets. So for her safety, and the safety of the entire world, she has been sent far away to an unoccupied planet on the outer reaches of space. Isolation was supposed to be a good thing, but after endless hours of solitude, Joanie is forced to confront something far worse than her illness – herself.” This looks like a rather interesting play focusing on themes of mental health, loneliness, and female companionship and friendship. Click here to book your tickets.

Dot | ArtsDepot | 22 Oct
Award winning Spanish company Cia Maduixa combine dance, theatre and technology to create inspiring children’s shows, and this is a very clever physical piece that revolves around worlds of light, colour and imagination. It’s on as part of the very brilliant Dance Umbrella festival, and if you can’t make this date and location, it’s on at a few other London venues over the next few days, see this page here for the ArtsDepot shows, and this page here for other venues.

Laika | Unicorn Theatre | 24 Sep-12 Nov
Another one for the children (well, you know, it is half term) and it might be one you are already aware of, given that it’s doing a nice long run that started in September. In fact, I thought I’d already tipped it, but apparently I hadn’t. Consider that rectified. And yes, it’s kind of about the space dog, but also about Sami, who, a hundred years after Laika went off on her journey, is facing his own adventure into the unknown. Head this way for details.