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Three To See on 21 Nov: The Pirates Of Penzance, The Dark, Radiant Vermin

By | Published on Wednesday 14 November 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

The Pirates Of Penzance | The Albany | 21-24 Nov (pictured)
“They may not be terribly successful, but the pirates of Penzance have impeccable manners: they think it’s unsporting to attack anyone weaker than themselves, and their first thought upon capturing a group of beautiful young ladies is to propose marriage en masse. But when they discover they’ve been tricked into letting their captivating captives go free, they plan a grisly revenge… Can the cream of Cornwall’s constabulary defeat them? Will true love triumph? And what is the pirates’ guilty secret?” A jolly looking community theatre production of an old favourite. Cheer up your dark wintry night here.

The Dark | Ovalhouse | 21 Nov-1 Dec
Award winning poet Nick Makoha performs this autobiographical piece about his own experiences of fleeing Uganda in the late seventies: “ On a November evening in 1978 after eight years of civil war Nick Makoha and his mother fled their homeland of Uganda. Many people were displaced, thrown into unfamiliar environments and forced to find their new home in the world.” Head this way for more information and to book tickets.

Radiant Vermin | Jack Studio | 20 Nov-1 Dec
“Jill is expecting her first baby and she and her husband Ollie are desperate to find a home of their own for their new family… But HOW??” Described here as a “diabolically funny, vicious dark comedy”, Philip Ridley’s 2015 play sees a government department finding an new solution to the problems of housing shortage and homelessness. It’s an ever more pressing issue of course, with homelessness rising, and home ownership an ever more distant prospect for so many. Details of this production right about here.