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Three To See on 21 Feb: Belle Fontaine, Derailed, The Very Important Child

By | Published on Wednesday 14 February 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Belle Fontaine | Waterloo East Theatre | 21-25 Feb
The first of two choices from Vault Festival this week, but this is one of those shows that’s on in a different location, ie, Waterloo East Theatre. This is set in an isolated religious community where everyone knows their purpose and sticks to the same daily routine. When a travelling salesman who visits every year turns up at a time of serious crisis, what will happen? Maybe book yourself some tickets to find out.

Derailed | Ovalhouse | 21 Feb-3 Mar (pictured)
Spanish artists Patricia and Mercè, are, after twelve years of living in the UK, subject to post-Brexit blues, which is entirely understandable. They want to turn their anger and rage into something positive, however, so they’re going to host a brilliant leaving party, featuring gazpacho, live rock music, dancing, pig noses, Theresa May, the Dalai Lama, and Cava. That maybe sounds a bit silly, but the blurb avers that this is a heartfelt story of belonging, failure, and wanting to change the world. I really want to see this. Details are here.

The Very Important Child | Vault Festival | 21-25 Feb
“Ever wondered how you got this way? Why you shout at the other cars? Why you become a toddler when you’re hungry? Or did the starry-eyed teenager you were turn into a kind, hardened adult. WHY? We can explain. We are here to demonstrate Loevinger’s theory of human ego development.” Yes, I have wondered. I think this sounds brilliant, see the Vault Festival website here for info.