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Three To See on 20 Dec: Puss In Boots, Our Man In Havana, What The Moon Saw

By | Published on Wednesday 13 December 2017

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Puss In Boots | Hoxton Hall | 15-28 Dec
“As Colin is left facing a future on the streets of Hoxton, he receives news of his inheritance, his father’s old tabby cat, affectionately known as ‘Puss’. How will Colin ever win the heart of Princess Alice? Will Queen Doris believe that Colin is ‘the one’ for her daughter? Will Igor the Ogre’s henchman scupper Puss’s plans for his master?” Yes, my friends, be assured that we will not rest in our pursuit of bringing you pantomime recommendations in a steady stream up until Christmas. See this page here for details.

Our Man In Havana | Pleasance Theatre | 20-23 Dec (pictured)
Not the most Christmassy show to tip on 20 December, but they can’t all be Christmassy, especially as not everyone actually celebrates Christmas or even enjoys it. And, even if it’s not what you call festive, this will be amazingly good fun for you and whoever you choose to take with you. Based on the novel of the same name, it’s a fast paced physical farce set in a Cold War world of suspicion, suspense and silliness, and it’s got a highly acclaimed run at the old edfringe behind it. Head this way for info.

What The Moon Saw | The Place | 20-22 Dec
Lovely looking children’s shows are abundant in December, and here’s one of them: Jack, all alone in the world and afraid of the dark, opens his curtains and sees the familiar and friendly moon, who takes him on an adventure across the world which will ultimately teach him to leave behind his fears. The story is told through dance, circus and music, and promises to be entertaining for the whole family. Book your tickets here.