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Three To See on 20 Aug: Anthony Jeselnik – Funny Games, Remote, Elephant Steps

By | Published on Monday 13 August 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Anthony Jeselnik – Funny Games | Leicester Square Theatre | 20-21 Aug (pictured)
Highly successful US comedian Anthony Jeselnik is known for Netflix specials ‘Caligula’ and ‘Thoughts & Prayers’, as well his Roasts of Donald Trump and Charlie Sheen, and, according to the listing here, is “master of the perfectly crafted joke”. Yes, that does sound like a boast, but it’s not an empty one – there’s lots of evidence to suggest that others believe that too, so don’t worry, and do take advantage of these rare UK dates to see this acclaimed act in action. Go here.

Remote | Theatre503 | 20 Aug
“And right then she almost goes for me, over the frosties. And for a moment I don’t dare, like someone’s holding my neck. I don’t dare even breathe. Cos Mum told me she used to fight men in the street.” Short plays from five women writers from a diverse range of backgrounds, each dealing with the theme of home: exploring what it means within the current political climate, and how modern technology in our living spaces contribute to our isolation. See this page here for details.

Elephant Steps | Arcola Theatre | 20-22 Aug
Off we head now to the lovely Grimeborn for a bit more operatic action, and this 50th anniversary production of Richard Foreman and Stanley Silverman’s occult, surrealist opera ‘Elephant Steps’. Here’s what the blurb says, and I am finding it quite compelling: “A multi-media rock-opera extravaganza where music, light, images, movement, graphics, films, incense, machinery, props and performers are incorporated into a spectacular mix.” So that sounds good, doesn’t it? Click here.