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Three To See on 16 Oct: Trumpageddon, A Pocket Full Of Grimms, Hunted

By | Published on Sunday 9 October 2016


And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Trumpageddon | King’s Head Theatre | 16 Oct-8 Nov
The dates of this satirical performance are exactly timed, as you can see, to run up until the US election, which The Donald might conceivably win. It’s a partly improvised show, created by actor Simon Jay, and it had some very complimentary reviews up at the Edinburgh Fringe. Expect wit and humour, but also a fairly terrifying glimpse at an all-too-possible world where Trump is in a position of great power. Argh. See this page here for more.

A Pocket Full Of Grimms | Canada Water Culture Space | 15-16 Oct
One of our very most beloved children’s theatre companies, Story Pocket Theatre, bring one of their many excellent shows to Canada Water this weekend, which is lovely, especially for those of you with children to entertain. It’s not one for toddlers, this, but it’s a beautifully designed and performed show for children over five, and of course their parents, who’ll be as enchanted by this selection of Grimm tales as their kids are. Click this link for details.

Hunted | Waterloo Station | 11 Oct-19 Nov (pictured)
“If you ever felt like you’re bring watched, that’s because you are. You are one of the most important people in the world and yet you’ve managed to live a peaceful life. That is because we have been protecting you but now our protection has been compromised.” Can you resist? I bet you can’t, especially if you’re a fan of immersive, interactive theatre, which is what this is. And it’s an action thriller – you’ll have to run from enemy agents, collect secret packages, hide, and evade capture – courtesy of Colab Theatre. What are you waiting for? Book your tickets here.