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Three To See on 15 Nov: Lights Over Tesco Car Park, How To Catch A Krampus, Cuckoo

By | Published on Thursday 8 November 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Lights Over Tesco Car Park | New Diorama Theatre | 15-16 Nov (pictured)
“Basically, Robert reported lights over the Tesco car park. Then he told us an alien was coming to stay in his spare room. With the help of some historical abduction stories, a latex alien mask, and a bucket of flying saucers, we’re working out whether to believe him. Maybe this is a good place to believe him? Maybe you can help?” A big success at the ye old edfringe this past summer, and one which our own reviewer gave the very toppest of top marks. See this page here for more.

How To Catch A Krampus | Pleasance Theatre | 13 Nov-23 Dec
Sounds like it might be a children’s show, somehow, this, but no, don’t take the kids. It’s inspired by London’s theatrical past and classic British horror, and promises to serve up “a dark and terrifying twist on the traditional Christmas theatre show” consisting of scary stories and songs. “A black-hearted antidote to all things cheery this festive season… Guaranteed to ruin your Christmas and enough to put you off your eggnog!” Head this way for all the details.

Cuckoo | Soho Theatre | 13 Nov-8 Dec
“Everyone hates Iona. Everyone except Pingu. Fitting in is hard when one of you can’t shut up and your silent best friend wears a tuxedo to school every day. Sick of the ceaseless bullying and despair, Iona and Pingu decide to get the fuck out of Dublin. Turns out that emigrating is a great way to get noticed by the cool kids. Loving the attention, Iona is drunk on her new-found popularity until she discovers she’s messed with the wrong crowd.” This sounds interesting, promising a fresh look at what it’s like growing up in Ireland today. Info here.