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Three To See on 12 Nov: Lands, Look At Me, “Does This Work” With Sara Barron

By | Published on Monday 5 November 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Lands | Bush Theatre | 6 Nov-1 Dec (pictured)
“Leah and Sophie have been together, here, for a long time. They are happy here. But there’s a problem. There’s a fucking massive problem and soon they’re going to have to talk about it”. Two performers, a mini trampoline, a 1000 piece puzzle and an exploration of a relationship on the edge of collapse. This was a great success at the last but one Edinburgh Festival Fringe and has recently been touring UK venues. Head this way for all the info.

LoOk-At-Me | Cockpit Theatre | 10-12 Nov
Another offering from the lovely Voila Europe! Festival, and this one is the work of London based Greek theatre company Monomas. The show explores “issues around gender, bodies, freedom and human existence in an attempt to destroy the stereotypes about what women and men should look like,” and sees its central character, a woman working herself into a frenzy, trapped by social convention and descending into existential breakdown. See this page here for more.

“Does This Work?” With Sara Barron | The Bill Murray | 12 Nov
We absolutely loved Sara Barron when we first found her up at the old edfringe this summer, so of course my ears well and truly pricked up when I got wind of this new material night with her name stamped on it. Not sure what the line up is, but you know, I was, um, reassured by the hugely informative show blurb – “Great acts. New stuff. Come join.” – that they will indeed be great. Anyway, Sara alone is probably worth the effort of going. So here are the details.