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Three To See on 12 Mar: Shanter, The Search For A Black Browed Albatross, Suzi Ruffell – Keeping It Classy

By | Published on Monday 5 March 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Shanter | Old Red Lion Theatre | 12-24 Mar
This show takes a look at what might happen when banter goes too far (though some might argue that any banter is going too far) and how it has the potential to affect a friendship group, offering an insight into current youth culture and how exposed young people are. Childhood friends Berty, Amber, Hamish and Sam get together for a pissed-up reunion at a festival, but an unexpected arrival plays havoc with their plans. See the venue website here for details.

The Search For A Black Browed Albatross | Camden People’s Theatre | 13 Mar (pictured)
“Tent? Check. Food and water? Check. The unceasing drive to complete your late father’s life-list? Check. When Charlie finds her father’s old birdwatching book, she sets out to find one last bird to complete it for him, for her, and for their relationship.” I’m close to someone who has a birding life-list, which is why this jumped out at me, though my mind boggles slightly at the thought it could actually be completed. This looks great, though, and is of course part of the ongoing and fabulous Sprint 2018. Information here.

Suzi Ruffell – Keeping It Classy | Soho Theatre | 12-17 Mar
“From the moment she arrives on stage she absolutely owns the room and the audience is with her from the very start”, wrote one of our review staff about the excellent Suzi Ruffell, back in 2016. Would you like to hear a bit more? Yes? Here you go: “Exuberant and affable, her anecdotes bring her family and friends to life. Ruffell has a great talent for telling a story then hitting you with punchlines you didn’t see coming.” This is a different show, obviously, but it’s the same charming and talented Suzi Ruffell. Head this way to book your tickets.

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