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Three To See on 12 Feb: Victim, Leaf, Waiting For Guido

By | Published on Monday 5 February 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Victim | Soho Theatre | 12 Feb
Louise Beresford won much acclaim for her multi-faceted performance in this one person show when it was on in Edinburgh last summer, whilst the writer of the play, Martin Murphy, previously received resounding plaudits for his earlier work, ‘Villain’. So, it’s an award winning, very well reviewed show, and it’s only on at the Soho Theatre for one night, so quickly, head this way to book your tickets.

Leaf | Greenwich Theatre | 12 Feb (pictured)
“A leaf is born…It grows and glows in the sunshine and the rain… Then the wind blows and it becomes colder… The leaf changes colour… In the snow, the leaf falls… But when spring comes, a new leaf grows…” A lovely and heart-warming play from Tam Tam Theatre for your wee tiny tots who aren’t older than three, it tells the life story of one special leaf, and then invites the kiddies on stage to play amongst the leaves at the end. Very charming, see this page for more.

Waiting For Guido | The Cockpit | 12 Feb
This threatens to be an “innovative, comic, theatrical, experimental, extravaganza”, and features the talents of Trevor Lock, Geoff Steel and Johnathon Richardson, Avital Hannah and Robert White, so I am kind of already sold, even though I don’t think I quite understand what form the show will take or what exactly it’s about. Tell you what, go to this page here, and read about it for yourself.