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Three To See on 12 Apr: Identity, Gutted, Cream Tea and Incest

By | Published on Thursday 5 April 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Identity | Shoreditch Town Hall | 12-14 Apr (pictured)
“East London Dance and Shoreditch Town Hall invite you into a world of east London grit and glamour as we convert the majestic Victorian Assembly Hall to create a pulsating gig-like atmosphere where dance and catwalk collide.” Expect alternative and underground forms of dance, style and musical expression, and a show – directed by the talented Tony Adigun – which will challenge preconceptions of sexual, cultural, gender and ethnic identity. See the venue website here for more.

Gutted | Canada Water Theatre | 12-13 Apr
Rikki Beadle Blair’s acclaimed play, first staged back in 2013 at Theatre Royal Stratford East, makes a return to the London stage with these performances at Canada Water. If you didn’t see it then: it’s set in the council estates of South London, and is a story told through the eyes of four brothers, the eldest of whom has returned from rehab determined to air some truths about his family. For more information and to book, see this page here.

Cream Tea and Incest | The Hope Theatre | 10-28 Apr
That’s a bit of a worrying title, isn’t it? But don’t worry too much because I have it on good authority that this is rather jolly – the story of an incompetent but optimistic Englishman and his loyal valet, Jeffrey, who gets embroiled in a match-making quest which takes a turn for the sinister. Sounds like it very amusingly channels something of the spirit of Wodehouse, and as an added bonus features a rather interesting cardboard set. See this page here for details.