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Three To See on 11 Oct: Working Girls, Wonder Girl, Quietly

By | Published on Thursday 4 October 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Working Girls | Tara Theatre | 11-12 Oct
Two of a series of shows produced under the banner Women’s Voices/Voix des Femmes, from a British-French theatre project exploring female prostitution from different perspectives, and which you can choose to watch in either English or French. ‘The Last Little Girl’ by Kay Adshead is about a teenage girl who falls into the hands of gangsters involved in the sex trade, while ‘Simple Maria’ by Isabel Allende is about a famous historical prostitute, who speaks from beyond the grave. Details right about here.

Wonder Girl | Ovalhouse | 11-13 Oct
“Wonderful, a seemingly silent 17 year old, seeks revenge on adults who let young people down. She uses the devices at her disposal – a few pizzas, Pentecostal rhetoric and one lost soul.” An early look at this production, a play by Eva Edo which explores the notion of children in care being superheroes, escaping into their own surreal worlds in order to survive their realities. See the venue website here for more.

Quietly | Omnibus Theatre | 9-27 Oct (pictured)
A second show from Omnibus Theatre’s mini Irish theatre season, a production of Owen McCafferty’s 2012 play ‘Quietly’. “It’s 2009. Northern Ireland are playing in a World Cup qualifying match. In a Belfast pub, under the watchful eye of a Polish barman, Jimmy and Ian meet for the first time. They need to talk. Will their attempts to deal with the past, allow them to reshape their future?” Head this way for info.