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Three To See on 11 Mar: Windibops, Then Again, After The Ball

By | Published on Sunday 4 March 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Windibops | Jacksons Lane | 11 Mar
If you have kids who find anything scatological hilarious (I think they mostly do go through this phase, though not all of them do) then this sounds like the ideal show to delight them this Sunday afternoon. That said, there’s a lot more to this than a poo-theme; expect a high quality, well choreographed show from this all female dance theatre company. But you know, the characters are named Volta Flatulence, Caroline Trumpface, Sally Silent But Deadly and Daisy Parphead, and it’s set in their Windibops laboratory. See this page here for more.

Then Again | King’s Head Theatre | 11-12 Mar (pictured)
“Scientist and YouTuber Millie is busy studying for her Phd in quantum physics, making videos of her oddball inventions and hanging out with her best friend Anna. She’s just about keeping on top of things when she accidentally invents a time machine. Before long she meets duplicate versions of her future self who start to lend a hand. The increasingly ambitious and self-obsessed Millie is sucked into the fickle world of internet celebrity, replacing Anna with her millions of fans. Does she need more subscribers or does she need true friends?” Yay, it’s time travel. And theatre. Most definitely my thing. And possibly yours. Click here for info.

After The Ball | Upstairs At The Gatehouse | 7-24 Mar
You may be thinking “that show name sounds familiar”, and if you read last week’s interviews then that’s possibly why, because we published a Q&A with the writer of the play Ian Grant. As you might recall, it’s a play set in London during and between the world wars that takes a look at how a family navigates its way through this difficult period, and explores political and social themes. You were no doubt planning to see it after you read the aforementioned article, so now that I’ve reminded you of it, why not head right this way to book a ticket or two?