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Three To See on 10 Jun: Bitter, Brazil Diversity, Not Now Bernard

By | Published on Sunday 3 June 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Bitter | New Diorama Theatre | 10-11 Jun (pictured)
“Wendy, Melissa and Mavis, three liberal women enjoying the foul, abject horror of their early twenties, have a lot to say. They’re underpaid, overworked and by god, if they have to start a lame-ass sharing group to be heard, they will. Like any organised activity in Britain, there are tears, an accidental murder and copious amounts of guilt about global warming (and maybe also the murder…only joking, who cares!?….nah but we do…..HAHA NO WE DON’T….no but seriously, we’re not psychopaths….or are we?….no.)” This looks fun, yes? See this page here for more.

Brazil Diversity | Theatre503 | 10-11 Jun
A collection of eight short plays that promises to reveal “a Brazil beyond samba and football”, with a focus on work with a LGBT+theme. The featured pieces tell stories such as that of a young, married woman in the 1960s who cannot forget her female lover, and two gay men forced to marry following a one-night stand, and have been authored by a diverse group of experienced writers. See the venue website here for info.

Not Now Bernard | Unicorn Theatre | 3 Jun-1 Jul
When, as a young adult, I first read the children’s picture book ‘Not Now Bernard’ I was frankly shocked by the neglectful actions of Bernard’s parents, and wondered why such a sad book would be aimed at children. But I was wrong, because all the kids love it (I just hope they don’t relate to it to much) and of course, not all media aimed at children has to be entirely cheery. ANYWAY, this children’ show promises to be vivid, clever and yes, occasionally melancholic. Details right about here.