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Three To See and Stream 3-9 Jan: Soho Theatre Shows, Short Stops, Longer Runs

By | Published on Sunday 1 January 2023


Chelsea Birkby: No More Mr Nice Chelsea | Soho Theatre | 9 Jan 
I had a bit of an inner debate, to be honest, when coming up with name for this section, because although all these shows are on at the same venue, they are kinda here because they are all acts we’ve met and loved in Edinburgh. Anyway, I did what I did. We begin with Chelsea Birkby, performing her 2022 edfringe show, which our reviewer rather liked, to the tune of four stars. Click here for more.

Emmanuel Sonubi: Emancipated | Soho Theatre | 9-14 Jan (pictured)
And here’s another show that went down well with our reviewer up in the Scottish capital last summer, who also gave a four star write up to this, Emmanuel Sonubi’s debut hour. ‘Emancipated’ deals with the comedian’s life growing up as the youngest sibling – and the only boy – in a family with six children, as well as his work as a doorman at scary clubs, and his experiences as a parent. Details here.

Mike Wozniak: Zusa | Soho Theatre | 4-14 Jan 
We haven’t seen this show, but we don’t really need to, because we’ve seen Mike Wozniak in action before and we know how brilliant he is. “Ever wondered how Mike’s Great-Aunt Zusa made it from Poland to Luton with a war nipping at her heels? Here’s your chance to find out”. Well, it’s your chance if you head over to the venue website sharpish, because those tickets are of course going fast.


Lloyd Griffith: Tour Preview | 2Northdown | 6+12 Jan (pictured)
And we segue from shows by comedy types into another show by a comedy type, and yet another who has won the approbation of our fabulous edfest team. And he gets especial soft-spottery from me on account of his choral skills, because I’m biased on account of having a daughter who is a chorister. Anyway, he’s very good, expect to have a very good and funny time at this tour preview. Book here for 6 Jan and here for 12 Jan.

Remember Me & The Holiday | Drayton Arms Theatre | 8-9 Jan 
I love a double bill of short plays. Or even a triple or quadruple one. It might be because of a not-great attention span, but also because I really love things that are small but perfectly formed. Anyway, this is the sort of thing that fits the bill: ‘Remember Me’, by Jean McConnell, about the meeting of two women with a shared past; and ‘The Holiday’ by Peter Quilter, about a divorcing couple on their last holiday together. Click here.

Drum | online via Omnibus Theatre | 8-14 Jan 
You know, leaving the house is feeling like a bit of a chore sometimes at the moment, because it’s grey and dark and rainy often. So it warms my heart to find some quality theatrics to take in at home. This show, which premiered in the autumn at the Omnibus, is set in the sixties in London, and follows the rise of real life Ghanaians James Barnor (photographer) and Mike Eghan (broadcaster) following their meeting at the BBC. Info here.


Dots And Dashes: A Bletchley Park Musical | The Space | 3-14 Jan (pictured)
“At Bletchley Park six young women are working to crack the German codes to aid the allied operation in World War Two. A story of love, loss, secrets, and the sacrifices these women made to save millions of lives, to rise above their roles, and silently fight a war behind closed doors”. You all know about it, and this musical version of the story looks at things from a female perspective, as a contrast to the normally male dominated narrative of war. Info here.

The Ghosting Of Rabbie Burns | King’s Head Theatre | 3-14 Jan 
This is a fun one, and of course timely, with Burns Night coming up towards the end of the month. It’s an acclaimed comedy drama about heartbroken writer Emily, who seeks solitude in a cottage in Ayrshire while she gets over her cheating ex. Alone on the significant 25 Jan, she’s joined by the ghost of the revered Scottish wordsmith, who offers her some dating advice… More on the venue website here.

Wreckage | Turbine Theatre | 5-22 Jan
“Sam and his fiancé Noel have been together for years. They have a house, a cat and their whole lives ahead of them. But when a sudden and permanent distance crashes into their relationship, it falls upon Sam to discover where their story goes from here”. Finally, another show that saw success at last year’s edfringe, an emotionally charged and ultimately somewhat heartbreaking story of romance. Details here.   

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