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Three To See and Stream 25-31 Oct: Kids’ Stuff, Spooky Stuff, Funny Stuff, Other Great Stuff

By | Published on Sunday 23 October 2022


Pedal Onwards Album Launch | Half Moon Theatre | 29 Oct
It’s half term this week so I thought a section of child-friendly stuff might be welcome in some quarters, and if you’re the sort of family that enjoys musical things, then this might well be the show for you. ‘Pedal Onwards’ is an album by family music favourite David Gibb and it focuses on his experience of growing up with a bicycle-obsessed dad. Read more here.

Oldilocks and The Three Bears | Polka Theatre | 25-30 Oct
“One winter, Oldilocks finds a teddy bear in the park and remembers a delicious bowl of porridge she tasted years ago in the woods. Something else happened but she can’t quite remember what… so she sets off for the forest. Will she find the bears house and what will happen then?” I’m quite fond of a sequel and this one sounds rather fun. Click here for more.

Jack Frost and The Search For Winter | Jacksons Lane | 27-30 Oct (pictured)
Ohh, this one’s almost a bit Christmassy, isn’t it? Though it’s a winter tale rather than a festive one, which has its own magic. This is a new play by poet and playwright Joseph Coelho about young Jack Frost, a mischievous young boy who each year brings the winter, but one year discovers that he has lost his frozen touch. Details on the venue website here.


Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival | Hen & Chickens Theatre | 30 Oct-6 Nov
Talking of stuff for kids, some people in my experience seem to think that Hallowe’en is just for children, but that doesn’t seem fair to me at all. So here are some lovely tips of scary-themed stuff for you to take in during this season of spookiness. First up, a whole short festival of horror films. You can get individual tickets for screenings, or a day or festival pass. Check out each day’s line up in the listings here.

Dracula’s Guest | Old Red Lion Theatre | 31 Oct
“An ancient creature, embittered by the burden of immortality and the intolerance of those who would decry him monster. Alone in his keep, but for the memories of centuries past. A living death that only a vampire could understand”. An acclaimed play based on the works of Bram Stoker, on as part of the Old Red Lion Theatre’s Grimfest. Read more about it here.

Seance | Watford Palace Theatre | 25 Oct-5 Nov (pictured)
Yes, it’s not London, but it’s not far, especially if you’re in certain bits of London. Anyway, it’s really interesting, an event that takes place in complete darkness inside a shipping container, “and explores the psychology of a group of people, and asks that they believe, not only in what seems to be happening inside the container but also in what might be conjured up into the room with them”. More here.


Frankenstein’s Monster Is Drunk And The Sheep Have All Jumped The Fences | Omnibus Theatre | 25-29 Oct (pictured)
Wasn’t sure whether to put this one in the scary or the funny section, but in the end I thought it probably fit best here with some other comical things, it’s a black comedy from the acclaimed Big Telly. The story’s set in mid twentieth century Hollywood and sees a defrosted Frankenstein’s monster the subject of “a love story of monstrous proportions”. Find out more here.

Brown Sauce | 2Northdown | 27 Oct
And now for something funny in the stand-up comedy sense of funny. For yes, this is a stand up night, and it’s one that takes place monthly, if you can’t make it this time. ‘Brown Sauce’ features “the best South Asian comics (and other Asian friends) on the circuit” and this week you can see Daman Bamrah, Farah Sharp, Nadia Javed, Joshua Bethania and headliner Yuriko Kotani. Click here for all the info.

Zav | The Pen Theatre | 29 Oct
A one-person comedy drama from PJ Vickers about Ian Parry, a road-worker from Conwy who finds success unexpectedly as a photographer. “Leaving behind family and friends and his beloved Welsh mountains, he follows his fortunes, only to find humiliation at every turn. But with every disaster comes an ever-increasing payday”. All the details right about here.


Born To Exist: The Woman I Know | The Place | 25-26 Oct (pictured)
And finally, another mixed bag for you genre wise, starting with something physical, a hip hop dance theatre production. The third part in Joseph Toonga’s acclaimed trilogy overcoming stigmas society holds towards ethnic minorities, ‘Born To Exist: The Woman I Know’ promises to show “what is means to be a human and show it in all its ugliness, beauty, contradictions and complexity”. Details here.

Super High Resolution | Soho Theatre | 27 Oct-3 Dec
And now for some theatre treats, first up a play about being a doctor in the modern NHS from Verity Bargate Award shortlisted playwright Nathan Ellis. “Being a doctor is a really good job and you get to save lives and help people, so Anna is determined not to quit. But when her patient runs out on her, and her personal life starts to spiral, she’s not sure how much more she can take”. Click here.

Des Fleurs | The Space | 25-29 Oct
“An ageing Judith faces early-onset Alzheimer’s and the death of her husband John. As she argues with her children, her past and present become blurred. Memories come alive and she sees herself as a young wife and mother, surrounded by John and by her best friend and then lover Georgia”. Another great sounding show at The Space. And one which you can see via livestream too! Info here.

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