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Three To See and Stream 11-17 Aug: Comedy, Theatre, Events, Non-Edfringe stuff, Support Festival People

By | Published on Friday 7 August 2020


Stealth Aspies Autistics Anonymous Tour | Marlborough Theatre Brighton
Okay, we have a lot to get through today because there was so much stuff to choose from this week that we have tips galore. So, I am not going to be saying much, just pointing you in the right direction. I am starting with this fab spoken word event, recorded back in June 2019 and now available here.

Marcel Lucont – No Dix | until 27 Aug (pictured)
As the title of this section suggests, all the shows herein have been released to coincide with the dates of what would have been the Edinburgh Fringe, and are therefore available for most of the month. Including this recording of a critically acclaimed show from Fringe Fave Marcel Lucont. Available via Vimeo here.

Zombie Zoo | K4K Films | 7-31 Aug
And finally in this section, an archive recording from K4K Films of ‘Zombie Zoo’, filmed during a performance at London’s Omnibus Theatre, following a run at Edinburgh’s Hill Street Theatre during the Festival Fringe of 2019. It’s here, on YouTube.


Socks In Space | Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre | 13 Aug (pictured)
The much loved Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre are doing three Zoom broadcasts of three different past shows over the course of the Virtual Fringe and here is one of them, their 2013 classic ‘Socks In Space’. Head this way to book yourself in.

Comics Solving Problems | Laughing Horse Free Festival | 11, 13, 18, 25, 27 Aug
The Free Festival has loads of online stuff going on, as you may have noticed given we interviewed two people appearing in it this week! Here’s another goodie to look forward to: “There are loads of problems in the world. The news is full of them. Our lives are full of them. Comedians Steve N Allen and Erich McElroy are here to (try to) help.” Click here.

Werewolf: Live | Udderbelly | 11, 18, 25 Aug
This “award-nominated comedy gameshow where comedians battle for their lives in the classic game of deception” will this month be reaching audiences via Twitch. Head this way for future instalments, but you can also currently see the show that was broadcast on 5 Aug.


work.txt | Summerhall | 17, 19, 21 Aug
This is a play about work stopping, performed entirely by participants on a Zoom call: “You will log on, you will do nothing, you will be essential”. I seem to remember maybe tipping an earlier broadcast of this back in mid lockdown, but if it is the same show, well, it’s now on as part of the Fringe, so it gets another go. Book here.

Team Viking | Shedinburgh Fringe Festival | 17 Aug
There’s loads of great looking stuff available to enjoy via the Shedinburgh Fringe Festival – take a look at the full schedule here – so it was hard to choose just one. But I ultimately went for a show that inspired us to give its creator a ThreeWeeks Editors’ Award back in 2018. Read more about it here.

Woke – Watch Party | Apphia Campbell | 12 Aug (pictured)
Another TW favourite is Apphia Campbell, whose work at past Fringes we have loved. On 12 Aug you can see a specially filmed, 360° version of the award winning ‘Woke’, which features a soundtrack of original music and traditional gospel and blues sung live, and focuses on the African-American experience and struggle for civil rights. There’s also a live Q&A, book here.


Awakening | The Nottingham New Theatre
Right, let’s press on, still loads to cover. And this section is entirely devoted to shows from theSpaceUK’s impressive digital line up of lockdown creativity. We are starting with ‘Awakening’ from The Nottingham New Theatre, in which “a group of schoolchildren trying to navigate the unknowns of adolescence leads to disastrous consequences”. See it here.

The Murder(ed) Musketeers | Highly Suspect
Next, we have gone for something a bit lighter – a “hilarious interactive online murder mystery which you, the audience, must solve!” – from the acclaimed Highly Suspect. “There’s a fiendish plot, evidence to examine, and cryptic clues to crack, but can you catch the killer and deduce whodunnit”. Click here to view.

Bubble Show With Dr Bubble And Milkshake | Bubble Laboratory (pictured)
And finally, because I heard a distant voice saying “won’t somebody think of the children”, I decided to think of the children for once and suggest this edfringe offering, not least because it’s a bubble show and I love bubble shows. It looks fab, so watch it here. And, there are loads more shows to see via theSpace – take a look at it all here.


Zoo TV | 17 Aug
Another edfringe venue with significant digital output for the Virtual Fringe is Zoo, and the reason I have simply chosen the entire venue and a specific date is because I think what’s happening is that a different collection of recordings is streaming live each day. Six shows will be streamed on 17 Aug, amongst them Luca Silvestrini’s ‘LOL’ and National Dance Company Wales’ ‘Tundra’. Click here for more.

Edinburgh International Book Festival | 15-31 Aug (pictured: Maggie O’Farrell)
Long term readers will know how much we love the Edinburgh International Book Festival, so it should be no surprise to hear just how much we are looking forward to its online programme. I am particularly interested in joining this live event with one of my favourite writers Maggie O’Farrell. But there are oodles of events (if not quite as many as in the normal scheme of things) so check it all out here.

Kevin Quantum – The Trick That Fooled | 15, 16, 20 + 22 Aug
This is another Fringe event, but it’s one that didn’t really fall into the category of comedy, theatre, etc, because – surprise surprise – it’s a magic show. You might already know this chap given that he wowed the judges on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, and if you don’t, maybe you should get acquainted? See this page here for info.


If This Is Normal/Ellipses | The New Normal Festival | 13 Aug (pictured: If This Is Normal)
Okay, so we’re just going to take some time out from all the stuff that’s part of the online edfringe to talk about some of the entertainment available to you that isn’t. This is another one for Londoners from the New Normal Festival taking place outdoors in SW18 – a double bill of quality theatrics from Lucy Danser and Isabelle Farah. Read about both here.

Escape Zoom | Electric Dreams Online Festival | various times and dates to 16 Aug
The Electric Dreams Online Festival is still ongoing and making the most of digital means to produce compelling entertainment. Our latest pick is interactive theatrical experience ‘Escape Zoom’: “You are the naval crew of a nuclear submarine in the year 1964. Cruising through deep waters, you hear a sudden cracking sound”. Book here.

Lockdown Theatre Company films
Now, I’ve said this isn’t anything to do with Edinburgh Fringe, but actually, it has a connection. The Lockdown Theatre Company has been releasing films via YouTube for several months already (there are currently eighteen), and it’s building up to a September finale. However, the venture, founded by Rohan Candappa to create paid work for performers, did release a film on 5 Aug to coincide with Fringe dates. Either way, this is great stuff, and you can watch it all here.


Underbelly Performers
Finally, a few ways to support the Fringe without necessarily watching something. Firstly, you could donate to Underbelly’s performers fund, and receive nice rewards depending on how much you donate. Click here.

Fringe Map
Playwright Cressida Peever was due to work on a Fringe show this year, and is one of many to have had their career put on hold by the COVID-19 crisis. During that time she’s been busy with other artistic endeavours, including the creation of a brilliant Edinburgh Festival Fringe Map, which I think would look great gracing the walls of the homes of you edfringe aficionados. Buy one here.

Zoo Venues (pictured)
Zoo Venues runs an amazing programme every year, and we’ve seen some of our most favourite, brilliant, innovative work there. We want it to be back next year of course, with even more of that good stuff. Fans of the venue can head this way, to read more, and to donate.

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