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Three To See 4-10 Apr: Funny Stuff, Theatre, Family Shows and more…

By | Published on Friday 31 March 2023


Ex-China | Museum Of Comedy | 4 Apr
You know what? There were some times in the last week when it was really warm and the sun came out. As I write this, though, it’s gone grey and damp again, so I think I need to think about funny things and smile the sun back into existence. And here’s a funny thing, a stand-up night of comedians who used to live in China featuring Chin Wang, Adam Hopkins, Blank Peng, Alvin Liu and Michael Herd. More here.

Sugarcoated Sisters: Bittersweet | Soho Theatre | 4-6 Apr (pictured)
“The award winning, critically acclaimed and hopelessly flawed musical comedy duo move back to their home town to discover unfinished business lurking around every corner. One has bipolar. One has diabetes. And neither of them have had sex for two years”. Sugarcoated Sisters bring their critically acclaimed edfringe debut to Soho Theatre. Read more about them here.

Cancelled: We Live In A Human Dream | Camden People’s Theatre | 7-8 Apr funny
This one ought to pique your interest, I think, not least because it’s described as an “alternative comedy fever dream” as well as “cheerfully surrealist panic attack about the future”. Siân Docksey is the writer and performer of the piece, who after not getting invited to a baby shower for being too negative about climate change decides to abandon the human species and “try and impress an octopus” instead. Click here.


Worth | Arcola Theatre | 7-29 Apr (pictured)
Now for some lovely theatre, which I am sure will prove as alluring as any comedy option. First up is ‘Worth’ at the Arcola Theatre, which is a darkly funny look at loss and sibling rivalry. ”Hours before their mother’s funeral, the Yeung siblings gather in the family home for the first time in years, only to discover their inheritance is missing. Where has all the money gone?” Info here.

Hanging Around | Pleasance Theatre | 4-8 Apr
“Agatha Soton was hung for witchcraft in 1665 – something which she is understandably rather irked about. Her great, great, great, great, great, great, great niece, Kate, leads an unassuming life of takeaway pizzas, doom scrolling and constant feelings of inadequacy. After an unexpected accident, they’re now both currently residing in Kate’s body – and Kate wants it back”. I am so very intrigued by this very interesting comedy-horror premise. More here.

Messi and Ronaldo | White Bear Theatre | 4-8 Apr
Another interesting one, this time focused on Jamie and his dad, who both love football but have different opinions on who the best football player is. Usually they enjoy bantering about it, but suddenly that stops, and Jamie is worried about what went wrong. It’s a London premiere for this play by Roger Goldsmith, described as a “challenging drama”. Details here.


RAH | The Hope Theatre | 4-8 Apr (pictured)
Yet more theatre, and we are very glad of it. Let’s start this section by heading over to The Hope Theatre for ‘RAH’, a semi-autobiographical play by Laila Latifa that uses “movement, skits and pure roast battle style comedy” to tell its story. “An hour before Manal’s family come over for Iftar, she opens up to her white boyfriend about her identity crisis, honour killings and the ‘Twilight Saga’”. Info here.

We’re Like Sisters | The Bread & Roses Theatre | 4-8 Apr
Another comical one (there’s a lot of it about this week), and this is an autobiographical one woman show that explores the different relationships Holly Kasselder has with each of her three sisters. Described as a “stand-up comedy routine gone off the rails”, it explores themes of abandonment, body shaming, self-medicating and patriarchal ideals surrounding family. See the venue website here for more.

Electra Untitled | The Cockpit | 4-6 Apr
One that you might have seen when it was on at The Place as part of Resolution Festival in 2022, but you also may not have seen it, so good news: you can now. It’s a physical theatre adaptation of the myth of Electra, conveyed through dance, puppetry and visual storytelling, approached through the lens of female empowerment. For more information and to book tickets head to the venue website here.


The Instrumentals | Little Angel Theatre | until 16 Apr
And on to our final section, which, as ever, has a high chance of being a mixed bag genre wise. Let’s begin with something for the small ones, because at least some of them will be on their holidays from school at this point. This is a show we have recommended before, but will again, on account of how lovely it sounds. Suitable for ages four to eleven and brilliant for music-loving families. Info here.

Pulse | The Place | 4-5 Apr
“A haunting waltz plays in the distance. From the ashes, a tangle of shining creatures emerge to inhabit a new world. In the chaos and turbulence their only hope is to remain united”. That description refers to ‘Waltz’ by Spanish choreographer Marcos Morau, which is part of this double bill from National Dance Company Wales, the other half being ‘Say Something’ by Sarah Golding and Yukiko Masui. Both will be ace, click here.

Curious Investigators | Greenwich Theatre | 8 Apr
Our final event recommendation for the week is for another show aimed at a younger audience (ages three to seven). This one’s about Scribble and Clipboard, who need to sort the recycling, but one of them finds a mysterious egg in the rubbish, and they’ll need the audience’s help to rescue an unborn chick. Click here for more – and also check out the Greenwich Theatre listings here for other upcoming kids’ stuff.

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