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Three To See 24-30 Oct: Kid Stuff, Comedy Stuff, Theatrical Stuff and more…

By | Published on Friday 20 October 2023


A Midsummer Night’s Dream | Polka Theatre | 25-29 Oct (pictured)
It’s that time of year again. Yes, October half term. And I guarantee all the parents out there are keen for news of distracting things they can occupy their children with this week, and I am nothing if not sympathetic. So here we go, section one, three options for you, beginning with a family friendly take on a classic suitable for ages six and over that sees Shakespeare professor Nick Bottom struggling with technical and magical issues. See the venue website here for more of an explanation.

Stick Man | Leicester Square Theatre | until 2 Jan
My daughter absolutely loved the Julia Donaldson/Axel Scheffler picture book ‘Stick Man’ when she was small and I used to enjoy reading it to her – and I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who have a similar affection for it. So you’ll be pleased to hear that this week, potentially, you could get to see a live version of it on stage. Or, if you want, you could wait a bit, because it’s on until January. Actually, no, go this week, it will be lovely. Click here.

Halloween Roller Discos | Fairfield Halls | 25-26 Oct
This is something a bit unusual for us, given we generally tend to focus more on things that are performed. And honestly, it would be terrible for me because I am hopeless at skating. But it won’t be for you and your lovely offspring, because you’re good at this stuff, right…? Also, no worries if you haven’t done it before because they have sessions for all skill levels. Yay, spooky roller disco in Croydon ftw, click here.


Alex And Ben’s Halloween Show 2: The Halloweenening | The Bill Murray | 29 Oct
Ooooh, more spooky stuff and this time it’s for the grown-ups. Maybe I should have had a spooky stuff section. Though there will probably be spooky stuff next week too, so maybe I could have a whole section then. Anyway, let’s talk about the reason we are actually here, which is this spooky show from Alex MacKeith and Ben Pope that promises special comedy act guests, blood curdling ballads and spine-shivering stories. See the Angel Comedy website here for details.

Kiell Smith-Bynoe & Friends: Kool Story Bro | Soho Theatre | 27-28 Oct (pictured)
Anyone up for some late night improv? Me, I am. Always. And here we find ourselves in the capable hands of the very experienced Kiell Smith-Bynoe (who I’ve been seeing a lot of lately as I devoured the newest season of the BBC’s ‘Ghosts’) who’ll be hosting special guests and fellow experienced improvvers as they come up with scenes inspired by stories from the audience. Find out more and get your tickets booked on the venue website here.

Egyptian Trilogy Comedy Tour | Leicester Square Theatre | 25 Oct
Right, now let’s head over to Leicester Square Theatre, for it’s definitely time to take in the Egyptian Trilogy Comedy Tour, one of a series of cultural exchange events taking place in London this autumn. The family-friendly show is hosted by award winning actor and comedian Chris Wegoda and features three high profile comedy acts: Ahmed Ahmed, Mohamed Salem and Fady Rizk. It’s performed in both English and Arabic, head to this page here to find out more.


All Aboard! At Termination Station | Pleasance Theatre | 25-26 Oct (pictured)
Right, now for some short but very sweet runs for you, and this one is part of the Pleasance Theatre’s Best Of Edinburgh season, so a great chance to see this show if you weren’t able to catch it up in the Scottish capital in August. A comedy cabaret about abortion and an autobiographical tale from Lilly Burton, it has won lots of acclaim for its important themes, as well its creator’s charismatic and hilarious performance. Find out more here.

Mark Thomas – England & Son | ArtsDepot | 28 Oct
You’ve only got one chance to see Mark Thomas perform ‘England & Son’ at ArtsDepot this coming week, but the good news is that he’s doing a longer run of it at the Arcola Theatre next month. It’s a one man play, written for Thomas by award-winning playwright Ed Edwards, from which you can expect “a kaleidoscopic odyssey where disaster capitalism, empire, stolen youth and stolen wealth merge into the simple tale of a working-class boy who just wants his dad to smile at him”. Click here.

Frantic Ignition 2023 | Brixton House | 26-27 Oct
Ignition is Frantic Assembly’s free, nationwide talent development programme for young people aged sixteen to 24, through which the company reaches out to those with little or no experience of all things theatrical and introduces them to the Frantic Method of devising theatre. Some of those young people are invited to come together to devise two original performances in just six days: and now you can go to Brixton House to see the fruit of their labours. Head this way for all the info.


The Interview | Park Theatre | 27 Oct-25 Nov
Right, here are your longer runs starting this week. So, as ever, it would be nice if you went this week, but you don’t strictly have to. First up is ‘The Interview’ by Jonathan Maitland and directed by Michael Fentiman. It’s about the famous 1995 interview by Martin Bashir with Princess Diana, and aims to give an insight into the story behind this wide-reaching media event, as well as asking such questions as what can be justified in the pursuit of truth. Details here.

Sputnik Sweetheart | Arcola Theatre | 26 Oct-25 Nov (pictured)
I’ve always been a fairly avid reader of the work of Haruki Murakami so, not surprisingly, when I heard that an adaptation of one of his novels was headed to Arcola Theatre, I was quite excited, and hence why I am mentioning it here. It’s in really good hands too, it’s a new adaptation by Bryony Lavery, directed by Melly Still, and I’ll be expecting great things of this play that’s part-detective story, part tale of love and loneliness. More here.

Lizzie | Southwark Playhouse (Elephant) | 26 Oct-2 Dec
This is a musical. A bloody musical. Quite literally a bloody, true crime punk rock musical. For it tells the story of the notorious Lizzie Borden, who, back in 1892 in Massachusetts, was accused of murdering her father and stepmother by hitting them repeatedly with an axe. The show had its premiere back in 2009 in New York and it has been performed in the UK before, but this is the first “UK built” production of the show. See the venue website here for more.

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