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Three To See 23-29 Jan: Festival Shows, Funny Shows and More…

By | Published on Friday 19 January 2024


Love Is… Or Mechanical Rubber Ducks Sink In Bathtubs | Camden People’s Theatre | 26-27 Jan
Well, it looks like the final days of January are finally on the horizon. How are you all doing? Fancy going to see a show that’s on as part of a festival at a venue near you? Here are some options. First up it’s the More Than Human festival at Camden People’s Theatre and a romcom written by a robot. Yes, thought you might be intrigued by that too. Click here.

Athens Of The North | Old Red Lion Theatre | 26-28 Jan
Next, we’re headed over to the Old Red Lion Theatre, where FreshFest is ongoing and full of interesting things to see. This week I’ve gone for ‘Athens Of The North’, because – just in case the title didn’t make that clear – it’s about one of my favourite places, Edinburgh. Not just that though, of course – it’s a very promising show with interesting themes. More here.

The EU Killed My Dad | Jermyn Street Theatre | 23 Jan-6 Feb (pictured)
And finally for this section, let’s check out something that’s on offer at Jermyn Street’s Footprints festival. ‘The EU Killed My Dad’ is an exploration of identity, belonging and history, focused on Berker, who goes to Turkey to meet his estranged father, only to discover that he has passed away. What follows is an “exhilarating whodunnit investigation”. Details here.


Priya Hall: Grandmother’s Daughter | Soho Theatre | 29-31 Jan (pictured)
And now, some funny stuff to brighten these still-dark days for you, beginning with acclaimed comedy type Priya Hall. Apparently she’s obsessed with her nan, and this show is “a joyful tribute to one old Welsh lady and the impossible standards Priya has to live up to as she prepares to become a matriarch of her own family”. Expect oversharing, queer joy and storytelling. Info here.

Maggots | Lion & Unicorn Theatre | 30 Jan-10 Feb
Some funny plays for you now, this one a “darkly humorous story exploring loneliness, community and the ways we fail to connect”. It’s about residents in a housing block who rarely interact, but who are forced to come together over suspicions about a horrible smell and the absence of one of their neighbours, and it’s got a great team behind it. More here.

Any Day Now | Etcetera Theatre | 27-28 Jan
And from one darkly comic thing to another, this being a comedic and poignant one person show exploring thanatophobia – the fear of dying. “Evie is on a quest to find the meaning of life and leave behind a legacy before she turns 23. It seems simple enough until spending the morning at her cousin’s Death Cafe leaves her wondering if life and death might not be so simple after all”. Click here.


As She Likes It | Greenwich Theatre | 27+29 Jan (pictured)
There are lots of serious themes around this week. Look, here’s a section devoted to that. And this is a show that takes a look at Hollywood’s culture of sexism and exploitation through an exploration of the experiences of Patricia Douglas, a 20 year old woman brutally attacked and sexually assaulted at an MGM party in 1937. And apparently, despite this, it’s also funny. More here.

Animal Farm | Wilton’s Music Hall | 23-27 Jan
Yes, you all know how serious the themes and storyline of ‘Animal Farm’ are, don’t you? Though yet again we have another show that promises to be comical as well as powerful and tragic. Anyway, I’m not sure I need to say much about this one because it’s the highly acclaimed Guy Masterson’s pretty much legendary one man adaptation, so get your tickets booked right about here.

The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde | Jack Studio | 23-27 Jan
And so to another classic that you’ll no doubt all know the storyline of, and another solo show, adapted and performed by the acclaimed Mark Stratford, who brings the RL Stevenson tale to life with a range of characters and powerful storytelling. It’s told from the perspective of Jekyll’s lawyer and trusted friend, who is concerned by a strange clause in his will. More here.


Open Beta | Jacksons Lane | 23-24 Jan
One last section of fine picks, which also have in common the fact that they all begin short runs on 23 Jan. Short, so don’t dally booking tickets. Anyway, you know how earlier we tipped a romcom written by a robot? Well now we are going to tip a circus show created by AI in collaboration with humans, to ask urgent questions, and showcase high stakes acrobatics. Details here.

The Last One | Arcola Theatre | 23-27 Jan (pictured)
“When Bess Malone steals from the local ice cream van she doesn’t expect it to impact her life at all. Or that soon she’ll be able to reel off every ice cream flavour there is or that she’ll know all the tunes an ice cream van can play, and she certainly doesn’t expect to find a new friendship with the van’s owner Brian”. An intriguing play exploring climate change and changing landscapes. Info here.

Rita Lynn | Turbine Theatre | 23-27 Jan
Final tip of the week is for another piece with some darkly comic elements that has serious stuff at its core. Created by former ‘Emmerdale’ regular Louise Marwood, this play is a cautionary tale about Imogen, a spiralling addict with a waning dance career, whose experiences mirror the creator’s own battle with addiction. Head to the venue website here for more information and to book tickets.

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