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Three To See 13-19 Aug: Short Runs At Soho Theatre, Musical Treats, Camden Fringe

By | Published on Friday 9 August 2019


You Only Live Forever | Soho Theatre | 14-17 Aug (pictured)
There are loads of venues in London where, at the moment, almost nothing is happening. But there’s still lots happening over at the lovely Soho Theatre, even despite the fact that lots of their listings currently refer to shows on in Edinburgh. Anyway, I decided to do a whole section of Soho shows as a result, and here they are. And we start with this critically acclaimed play from critically acclaimed duo Roxy Dunn and Alys Metcalf, which you can absolutely expect to be beautifully written and hilariously performed. See this page here for more.

Anne Edmonds: What’s Wrong With You? | Soho Theatre | 12-17 Aug
So, what’s up next? Well, I will tell you: It’s hugely acclaimed Australian comedian Anne Edmonds, an act we first discovered and loved up at edfringe quite a few years ago now, and it sounds like she’s quite fired up. Yes, she wants to know what’s wrong with you, and not just you, the whole lot of you. “Humanity has clearly flushed its own head down the drain and she can’t decide whether to pull you all up or leave you down there. Clear-eyed and in no mood to suffer fools, Eddo is as angry as she is over it.” Head this way to book your tickets.

Natasha Leggero & Moshe Kasher: The Endless Honeymoon Tour | Soho Theatre | 12-17 Aug
“For some couples, keeping the magic alive means giving each other space. That is not the case for Moshe and Natasha – who consider themselves relationship experts despite their relatively new marriage status. “ Another highly acclaimed act, this one, and possibly one you’ve already witnessed in action if you’re a person who has access to Netflix and their Netflix three part special. This is the duo’s London debut and it should be good. Take a look at this page here to be extra convinced by details from their respective CVs.


Count Ory | Arcola Theatre | 13-17 Aug
Time for some musical entertainment and we’re starting out at the opera-fest that it is Arcola’s Grimeborn, with a production of Rossini’s ‘Count Ory’, from Opera Alegría, performed in English. “With the women of the village abandoned by their menfolk, the opportunistic Ory spies his chance to woo the beautiful Adele. With his band of rogues behind him, he sets about plotting how to win her over. But with deception and desire in the air, the road to love proves less than smooth…” More info here.

Dogfight | Southwark Playhouse | 19-31 Aug (pictured)
“It’s November 21, 1963. On the night before their deployment to Vietnam, three young Marines set out for one final boys’ night of debauchery, partying and maybe a little trouble. But when Corporal Eddie Birdlace meets Rose, an awkward and idealistic waitress whom he enlists to win a cruel bet with his fellow recruits, she rewrites the rules of the game and opens his eyes to the power of love and compassion.” This one’s musical theatre, a staging of Benj Pasek and Justin Paul’s 2012 musical based on the 1991 film of the same name. This is a youth production, so might be a good one for summer-bored theatrically aspiring teens. Info here.

Hippolyte et Aricie | Arcola Theatre | 13-17 Aug
And finally, it’s back over to Arcola for another tasty Grimeborn morsel, this time Jean-Philippe Rameau’s baroque classic. “Hippolyte, the Prince of Athens and son of Theseus, is in love with the beautiful Aricie. But Aricie has devoted herself to the goddess Diane at her father’s command, and sworn herself to chastity. As the couple struggle to be together against the odds, Theseus’ wife Phaedra finds herself consumed by a forbidden passion for her stepson.” Details right about here.


All The Little Lights | The Actors Centre | 12-17 Aug (pictured)
Hurrah, thank you, Fringe Gods, for the gift of Camden Fringe. So much eclectic and inventive stuff all going on in North London of an August. And of course, you will be aware of it, because we’ve been talking about it for while already. This one isn’t brand new (we’ve actually tipped it before, a couple of years ago) but we know it’s a goodie. “Joanne and Lisa were like sisters. Then Lisa left and got a new family. Joanne got a new mate. Now they’re back together for a birthday party by the railway tracks, in search of normality and love. Will they reach it?” More here.

Sh*t Happens | Camden People’s Theatre | 14-18 Aug
“How many times did you walk into a public toilet after someone and couldn’t stand the smell? How many times did you curse or call someone names because they occupied the toilet for too long? Has the thought of them having a serious chronic disease ever crossed your mind? I bet it didn’t.” It’s a really good point, that, isn’t it? And I am so glad to see someone making a show about an issue like this. So often people judge people for the results of non-obvious diseases, and this addresses that, using technology, autobiographical stories and poetry to chart the difficulties of living with conditions like inflammatory bowel disease. Head this way for all the details.

Outliars | Camden Comedy Club | 14-17 Aug
And finally, one more offering from the lovely Camden Fringe, this time at Camden Comedy Club, and courtesy of QED Comedy Laboratory. When I saw what this was all about, it’s safe to say that my eyes lit up, because I am the sort of person that loves ‘Would I Lie To You’ and ‘The Unbelievable Truth’ and this show operates along similar lines to those shows. “Four outrageous, hilarious stories” runs the blurb. “Three are true. One is a lie. Can you spot it?” Well, I don’t know, but I would love to have a go. Head this way to book tickets if you too want to have a stab at it.

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