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Three To See 11-17 Jul: Festival Stuff, Edfringe Previews, More…

By | Published on Friday 7 July 2023


South London Comedy Festival | Streatham Space Project | 17-27 Jul
Yet another week headed by a section of festival tips, and why not? It’s exactly what we should be tipping at this time of year. This week, I’ve kind of decided to go with whole festivals (or festival strands) rather than picking out one event from each line up, on the basis that I would just like you to see everything. First up is the South London Comedy Festival, at which you can check out acts like Jenny Eclair, Chloe Petts and Sikisa. Click here for more.

Kensington And Chelsea Festival Theatre Season at Chelsea Theatre | until 30 Aug (pictured)
Now, this is the festival strand I am talking about. I do think you should head over to this page here and read about all the stuff that’s on over the next few weeks as part of the Kensington And Chelsea Festival. However, I want you to pay special attention to the season of theatre happening in partnership with said festival over at the Chelsea Theatre. Take a look at the listings here, eighteen shows, loads of great stuff.

Housemates Festival | Brixton House | until 23 Jul
I think last week I selected just one show from the Housemates Festival line up, but this week I am – to echo my words in the opening tip – just going to tell you to see everything. Or at least more than one thing. As you may remember, this festival sees Brixton House turned over to young specially selected creatives who present new and exciting work on a variety of themes. For more information and listings head to the venue website here.


Huge Davies: Whodunnit | Pleasance Theatre | 11 Jul
And now for some shows that are on in London this week, but which will also appear at our beloved Edinburgh Festival Fringe next month. So, once again, an opportunity if you’re not anticipating being in Edinburgh this August – or even if you are and you just want to get a head start. First up, it’s acclaimed musical comedy type and Edinburgh Comedy Award Newcomer nominee Huge Davies, whose work we have much admired in the past. Info here.

Declan | Camden People’s Theatre | 14-15 Jul (pictured)
“As childlike outsider Jimbo recalls the disappearance of his best friend Declan, he is plagued by ghosts of the past and present. With a hazy grasp on reality, Jimbo searches through his fractured town for Declan – and along the way makes troubling discoveries about his own childhood”. A queer thriller exploring isolation and sexual discovery in rural Wiltshire, written and performed by Alistair Hall. Read more about it here.

Super | Etcetera Theatre | 16 Jul
There are a number of shows on at Etcetera Theatre in the next couple of weeks that are headed Edinburgh-wards in August. I had them all on a list and regretfully decided I could only choose one. But do have a look at the venue listings here for the shows I didn’t mention, as well as considering this one: ‘Super’, a “darkly comic drama about ambition, love and overwhelming failure told by two not-very-super heroes”. Info here.


Ned | Old Red Lion Theatre | 12-14 Jul (pictured)
And now for a vaguely mixed bag (two thirds theatre) of shows that aren’t on for very long, so, as ever, get a move on. The first pick is ‘Ned’ by Lola Shaw at The Old Red Lion Theatre, which had an acclaimed and successful run at the Peckham Fringe previously, and which is a dark and surreal comedy about loneliness and nostalgia and the disenfranchisement of humans. For more info and to book see this page here.

The Business Of Love | The Hope Theatre | 16-17 Jul
“In the weeks before her 30th birthday, Kelly is facing an ultimatum. Either she finds a boyfriend or she loses her job. I mean, we’ve all been there right? Kelly works at The Business Of Love, a company fully funded and controlled by the patriarchy, and what they say goes”. Well, I must say I am intrigued by the premise of this one, as well as being drawn in by the promise of hilarity and the celebration of female friendships. Click here.

The Flying Dutchman | Grand Junction | 12-14 Jul
This is the one third that doesn’t qualify as theatre, of course, for ‘The Flying Dutchman’ is a production from the rather good touring company OperaUpClose. It’s a new English version of the Wagner work, reimagined by poet and novelist Glyn Maxwell, based on an original concept by Lucy Bradley, with a new orchestration by Laura Bowler. See this page here to book your tickets.


The Wind And The Rain | Finborough Theatre | 11 Jul-5 Aug
To be fair, none of these are spectacularly long runs, but they’re a bit longer than the ones we talked about in the last section. First up it’s one of my favourite things, the revival of a neglected classic, in this case ‘The Wind And The Rain’ by Merton Hodge, one of the biggest international hits of the 1930s. It’s about medical students in Edinburgh in 1933 and was inspired by the playwright’s own experiences. More here.

Ghost Light | The Hope Theatre | 11-29 Jul
“The Moran Sisters captured the hearts of a generation when they were children. Then Charley disappeared from the limelight and Kat kept going, trapped in an abusive marriage. When Charley returns and sees what has happened to her sister, she has to face up to abandoning her, and the new life she might have to sacrifice to help her”. A new musical about child stardom and the treatment of women in the public eye. Info here.

Gay Witch Sex Cult | King’s Head Theatre | 11-15 Jul
Last one for today: there’s loads of great stuff coming up over at King’s Head Theatre as part of guest AD David Cumming’s Queer Futures season at the venue. When I was looking at the line up, this one really jumped out at me. Yes, because it’s a winning sort of a title, but also because it’s a “sticky, spooky horror comedy” and we love all that. Well, we love the comedy, the horror and the spooky, and we’re definitely prepared to live with the sticky. Details here.

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