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Saturday 6 December 2014 in London

By | Published on Sunday 30 November 2014

Phil Ellis

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

COMEDY: Live At The Chapel w/ Adam Buxton + Alex Horne | Union Chapel | 6 Dec
This especially fine edition of The Invisible Dot’s always very fine LATC night is headlined by inventive tech geek Adam Buxton, MC’d by top brass host Alex Horne, and gives featured spots to prize-winning weirdo John Kearns, lord of grump Nish Kumar, plus Natasia Demetriou and Ellie White as the ‘Sexy American Girl Cousins’. Details and tickets here.

COMEDY/KIDS: Phil Ellis – Funz & Gamez | Soho Theatre | 6 Dec – 4 Jan 2015 (pictured)
Like, hate or tolerate the word ‘bonkers’, it’s at its most apt if applied to this Fosters Edinburgh Comedy Awards Panel Prize-winning family fun n game show from comic and king-of-giggles Phil Ellis; which arrives fitted with all the right trimmings (whimsical characters, prizes, a dog named Bonzo) for a silly good time. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: Myths | Blue Elephant Theatre | Until 6 Dec
Last chance to catch this arch contemporary twist (as was recently featured on the ThisWeek London Podcast) on the various ‘Myths’ of Ancient Greece; as theatre creatives Hammer & Tongs invite us mortals to dodge snakes with Medusa’s stylists, drink protein shakes with the goddess of war, and peak into the dinner party tiffs on Mount Olympus. Details and tickets here.

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