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Nick Cody: Beard Game Strong

By | Published on Tuesday 23 February 2016


Australian comedian Nick Cody has been wowing critics at home and internationally of late. We discovered him, as we so often do discover comedians, up at the Edinburgh Fringe, where last summer he took the Festival by storm, winning praise and accolades from practically everyone.
He’s presently completing a run at the Soho Theatre in London, so I asked him a few quick questions, to find out more about him, what he wants from life, and why he sports a beard.

CM: Tell us about the show – is there anything about beards in it, or is that just an amusing title?
NC: I only mention beards once. I feel it’s a silly-Alpha title. I love rap music, which is covered in the show, and some of my favourite rappers will use terms like “Money Game Strong” or “Car Game Strong” to brag about those things. So I went with “Beard Game Strong”

CM: What made you decide to have a beard? Is it because they are in fashion?
NC: I look ridiculous without one. Very baby faced. Also, I used to work in offices where shaving was a requirement. I’m my own boss now…so beard it is.

CM: How would you describe your comedy? Gag-driven? Anecdotal? Political?
NC: A mix of laugh-heavy anecdotes and no-nonsense opinions. No soppy stuff here. I don’t have a theme either because every reviewer I’ve had finds their own thing in it. That’s perfect to me. I’m going to make you laugh as hard as possible in the allotted time. What you want to take away is up to you!

CM: What made you decide you wanted to do stand up? What do you like about this kind of performance?
NC: Loved it since I was a kid. Say whatever you want and as long as it’s funny, you travel the world, meet the greatest people and make money. Perfect.

CM: You’ve done quite a bit of TV work in Australia of late – how does that compare to stand up, and would you like to do more of it?
NC: TV is good for creating structure during the day. It’s nice to be forced to wake up early and head to set. I enjoy it because you are around a large group of people and you get numerous takes. Stand-up doesn’t have the luxury of a ‘Take 2’.

CM: Where do you see your career heading? Are there other types of work you would like to do?
NC: Stand-up tours in theatres. Comedy specials. Anything where I don’t have a boss and get to have fun.

CM: Have you done shows in London before? Do like it? What are you doing when not performing?
NC: This is my first time here. I’m loving it! Just exploring different parts of the city and trying to do different activities every day. Hit up Stonehenge, Windsor, Bath, Camden and also a football match so far. One week left though so I’ll be pounding the pavement.

CM: Do you find UK audiences have a different response to your stand up than Australian ones? Or are comedy audiences the same all over the world?
NC: I find them pretty much the same everywhere. The night of the week can dictate a mood more than a continent can.

CM: What’s next for you?
NC: A few more shows here at The Soho, then straight back to Australia to start my new tour “Come Get Some”. I’ll be back here with that show later in the year. See you then…

Nick Cody performs at Soho Theatre until 27 Feb. See this page here for more info.

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