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Luisa Omielan: Snog Fest Christmas Weekender

By | Published on Friday 3 December 2021

It’s been close to a decade since Luisa Omielan first drew our attention and became an instant TW-favourite up at the old edfringe with her much loved stand-up show ‘What Would Beyonce Do?’, and I am pretty sure all of our readers will be familiar with that and her subsequent work.

We’ve been looking out for her appearances and shows ever since, of course, and watched her go from strength to strength. So, needless to say, we pricked up our ears when we heard about a Christmassy weekender she’s helming this week at Woolwich Works.

To find out more about the events taking place this coming weekend, and a bit about Luisa herself, I arranged a quick chat.

CM: The Weekender sounds fantastic. Can you tell us more about it, and especially the first event: ‘Christmas Musical Bingo’?
LO: It’s a weekend that is designed to give people a feel good festive night out. ‘Musical Bingo’ is so raucous and ridiculous, it’s bingo but with music instead of numbers and it gets very heated! We give away the best worst prizes, think cheese toastie machines and doughnut makers. People get very competitive, so expect dance battles and rap battles to decide our winners!

CM: Can you tell us about the second show ‘Camp As Christmas’? What kind of event is that?
LO: I am so excited about this event, it’s a Christmas celebration with a great line-up. I wanted a choir to come and sing Christmas songs but in a cool karaoke way – Gospeloake is that, expect Mariah and Britney. We also have some Polish drag queens doing some comedy and lip syncing, a musical cabaret artist called Kate Butch and one of the hottest comics on the circuit, Aaron Twitchen. It will be camp, it will be fabulous and it will be all the Christmas you can handle.

CM: The Weekender takes place at Woolwich Works, which is fairly new – how did you come to be holding the event at this venue?
LO: The venue contacted me a few months ago when it first opened, I came down to have a look and fell in love with it. It’s such a beautiful space and I am so excited to be playing.

CM: We are always really excited to hear about Christmas themed shows. Are you a big fan of Christmas? How do you celebrate it?
LO: Hopefully with snow! I have a Bernese mountain dog who will literally snow bathe, like sunbathing but with snow, so my plan on celebrating Christmas this year is watching her enjoy the cold weather!

CM: We’ve been following your career with interest for quite a while now, but I don’t think we have ever had a chat with you before. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Did you always want to work in comedy? How did you begin your performing career?
LO: I am the queen of solo shows, one-woman stand-up shows are my jam! I have been doing them for nearly ten years now and I love performing them. They are unlike any other, and I am very lucky that it’s my main job! It allows me to then do exciting stuff like this!

CM: What have been the highlights of your career thus far?
LO: To be honest, it’s doing live shows that are events, so making them interactive and not just the audience sitting back and enjoying. I want audiences to leave feeling elated, so any shows where I can make that happen are a highlight. I am so excited about this weekend: the line-up is ridiculous! It’s going to be so much fun!

CM: The industry took a big hit because of the lockdowns, of course. How much of an impact did it have on you and how did you get through it?
LO: Of course, it was very difficult and comedy got really hit. I was fortunate I have a strong online following, so I could do livestreams. It was difficult but that’s why it’s so nice to be back out, there is nothing like live!

CM: What aims and ambitions do you have for the future?
LO: To keep doing solo shows and grow my audiences internationally, that’s the goal!

CM: What’s coming up next for you after this?
LO: A Radio 4 series is coming out next year and I am working on developing a sitcom so watch this space!

The Snog Fest Weekender takes place at Woolwich Works from 10-11 Dec. You can find out more info and book for ‘Christmas Musical Bingo’ here, and for ‘Camp As Christmas’ here.

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