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Katherine Ryan: Delivering Nature’s Candy

By | Published on Friday 1 February 2013


Up and coming comedy type Katherine Ryan, who you may have witnessed adorning your small screen in recent years, heads to Soho Theatre next week to sweeten up her audiences with her latest show ‘Nature’s Candy’, which is very good.

And before you ask, we know it’s good because we saw it in Edinburgh. Ahead of her London appearance, we asked her a few quick questions.

CM: Can you tell us a little about your latest show?
KR: ‘Nature’s Candy’ is a sweet and demented little stroll into my world. It’s a celebration of relationships, celeb culture, and of all the ‘lemons’ life can give us.

CM: You took this particular set to Edinburgh last year. Has it changed or developed since then?
KR: I think we need to keep changing always, so yes, it’s developed. I’d say it’s the best parts of my first two Edinburgh shows with a bunch of new stuff too.

CM: You’ve done lots of TV work in recent years – do you prefer it to live performance? Which was your favourite TV experience?
KR: I’m very loyal to C4’s ‘8 Out Of 10 Cats’ because the producers believed in me enough to give me that first big chance. That’s my favourite show, but the best part is that it’s made live audiences aware of what I do so they come to see me do stand-up. Live performance is where it’s AT.

CM: You are from Canada but have settled in the UK. What has made you stay here?
KR: I didn’t intend to stay but I fell in love with the WEATHER. That grey wet sky is perfect for keeping beautiful skin. I adore the rain.

CM: Did winning the Funny Women Award have a positive impact on your career?
KR: Yes. I met my agent Hannah Begbie at the awards and I love her.

CM: What’s next after the current tour? More TV? Another Edinburgh?
KR: Definitely more TV! I’m a TV junkie so being part of it is so much fun. I’m developing a bunch of my own ideas, so we’ll see.

CM: Apparently you are a bit of an expert on celeb culture – can you tell us an interesting celebrity fact or anecdote?
KR: Sooooooo many unprintable ones. ‘Virgin’ popstars on meth and that kind of thing… Oh, this one works: ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ recently introduced the UK to ‘Speidi’ (Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt), two American reality star villains. Heidi had over ten cosmetic surgery procedures and shortly thereafter, her doctor died in an car accident while texting. Heidi was upset but said something like “At least now I’m worth more, like a painting is after the painter dies”. HOLLYWEIRD, eh?

Katherine Ryan appears at Soho Theatre on 4, 5, 6 and 24 Feb. See the venue website for info and tickets

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